Make an Impact on Extreme Poverty: Sponsor Our Gala

Sponsor our Gala, and you will help empower girls like Mildred...

Mildred is a beautiful 10 year old girl in grade 5 at Hope Community School in Zambia. Her parents died of AIDS when she was young, leaving her and her younger sister to be taken care of by their great grandmother, who also struggles from illness. Mildred can be seen below, standing in the room where her and her family sleeps.  Read more »

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Save The Date! You Are Invited To Our 5th Annual Gala!

We are so excited to cordially invite you to the Fifth Annual One Day's Wages Gala, Saturday, October 11th @ McCaw Hall in Seattle, Washington.

We are honored and humbled to celebrate our fifth anniversary with our friends and supporters — both local and global. It has been another truly amazing year, through your support we surpassed $2.2 million in donations since our inception in 2009! Read more »

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You + Your Story + Your Actions = Change

One Day's Wages is you, me, us...working together to fight extreme global poverty.

Did you know?

3.4 million people die every year from water related diseases around the world, and 768 million people lack access to improved water sources

29.8 million people are enslaved worldwide. Read more »

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Four New Classrooms in Guatemala!

We have successfully funded our partnership with Long Way Home (LWH)! The grant of $41,239.13 will go towards building four new classrooms for primary school aged children in Guatemala. These classrooms will provide 90 children access to education, empower local community members with employment, and promote environmental sustainability through recycled building materials. Read more »

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How Technology Can Improve Maternal Care in Nepal

We are excited to launch a new partnership with One Heart World-Wide (OHW) to implement a mobile health system focused around maternal care in the Baglung district of Nepal. The mobile health system will equip 450 community volunteers with the technology to communicate with local health posts, and thereby help them handle potential emergencies and provide better care for the 9,000 pregnancies a year in the region. Read more »

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