Natalie's Birthday for a Cause

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Name: Natalie

Birthday: August 21st

Why I'm Doing This:

I'm just a middle-class person in the Chicago suburbs, but heart-broken over the famine and resulting hunger in the Horn of Africa.  

While affecting such a far-away place might seem hopeless, I'm convinced that if we each try to feed just one person, we can do a lot.  In fact, it only costs 17 cents to provide one person with a nutritious meal.  That's doable, right?  

For more info on the crisis, please check out this page.

My Invitation to You:

This year, it would be the best birthday gift in the world to know that a few more people will get a nutritious meal.  I've given, as the hunger and desperation in the Horn of Africa has just broken my heart.  Join with me to support my birthday campaign for ODW's Horn of Africa Relief Fund.

Even if you're only able to give for one meal (remember, it's only 17 cents!), I'd be thrilled with such a great birthday present!

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