We Can Help Provide Clean Water For Myanmar

By Eugene Cho, Founder & Executive Director  

Couple months ago, I had the privilege of spending several days in numerous villages in the Delta region of Myanmar. People were so generous in both inviting us into their communities and homes and sharing their stories. A common story we heard was the utter devastation of Cyclone Nargis in 2008 that in some villages, destroyed everything. This is not an exaggeration: everything was destroyed. Read more »

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Let's Invest in Girls' Education in Afghanistan

We are launching our 76th project with Sahar, providing secure transportation for 30 young women in Northern Afghanistan through potentially hostile areas so they can attend teacher training. At the training center these young women will study and prepare for qualifying exams to get their teaching credentials. An estimated 4,500 girls per year will be impacted by these 30 teachers.  Read more »

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Empowering Women Through Agriculture Development in South Africa

We are partnering with Zimele for our 75th project to implement sustainable agricultural practices in the Uthukela District of South Africa. This project will improve agricultural production, provide rainwater harvesting education, and design a pest control management system. This project will provide training for 150 Zulu women, which will then impact approximately 600 associated family members living with in the community.

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Their Stories: Children of Syria

Imagine losing all your belongings...a safe and warm home...your loved ones...your entire country. This is the reality for many of the 11+ million displaced by the conflict in Syria, and nearly half of these victims are just children.

Their stories often get lost in the headlines of warring factions, religious persecution, and what seems like unending violence. The reality is, these children are more than just statistics, refugees, or Read more »

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