Empowering Women Through Agriculture Development in South Africa

We are partnering with Zimele for our 75th project to implement sustainable agricultural practices in the Uthukela District of South Africa. This project will improve agricultural production, provide rainwater harvesting education, and design a pest control management system. This project will provide training for 150 Zulu women, which will then impact approximately 600 associated family members living with in the community.

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Their Stories: Children of Syria

Imagine losing all your belongings...a safe and warm home...your loved ones...your entire country. This is the reality for many of the 11+ million displaced by the conflict in Syria, and nearly half of these victims are just children.

Their stories often get lost in the headlines of warring factions, religious persecution, and what seems like unending violence. The reality is, these children are more than just statistics, refugees, or Read more »

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Standing With Iraqi And Syrian Families

Over the past four years the crisis in Syria — and more recently in Iraq — has pushed millions of families out of their homes and caused immense suffering, claiming the lives of over 191,000 people. The scale and severity of this crisis seems too overwhelming — but it's not, there are clear actions we can take to help.

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Your School Could Partner with One Day's Wages!

In honor of MLK Day, we have a call to action: this school year, let's not just talk about all the injustice in the world and how things need to change...let's do something about it!

This week you are sure to hear lot's of great quotes by Martin Luther King Jr. But MLK Day is not just an opportunity to remember the great man he was and important things he said and did for our country (and the world)...it's a time to renew our Read more »

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