Fighting Malnutrition in Nicaragua

For our 81st project, One Day's Wages and Clinica Verde are partnering to amplify health through nutrition in Nicaragua. This project implements a new model of development that will increase food security and improve diet from the ground up. Our partnership focuses on preventive healthcare through sustainable farming by providing an organic crop production and agriculture learning space for the local community. Read more »

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New Volunteer Positions: Field Directors

By Joshua Rogers, Field Team Coordinator

This month we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new volunteer Field Directors program, bringing the next chapter of One Day’s Wages grassroots movement to more communities across North America — and beyond — than ever before. We’re currently accepting applications as the program continues to roll-out, with our goal of having at least one Field Director in every US State Read more »

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Investing in Clean Water in Uganda

 This is our 2nd clean water project with our partners Friendly Water for the World  and our 78th project overall. Through this partnership, Friendly will build a resource center in Uganda to host water and sanitation education programs, as well as provide the tools and parts to maintain and repair water points. The project will improve clean water access through fostering community driven education and building infrastructure as a resource for change. 
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Devastation in Nepal: Here's How You Can Help

We are standing with the people of Nepal to provide emergency aid and relief in the aftermath of the most powerful earthquake to hit Nepal in 80 years. As the death toll continues to over 7,000 there is an urgent need to respond quickly as hospitals and rescue personnel are completely overwhelmed. 

As always, our commitment is that 100% of your donation Read more »

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