Artists & Musicians

One Day’s Wages is excited to partner with artists and musicians in the Seattle community and beyond. By virtue of their talent and hard work, artists and musicians operate from a unique platform, allowing them to make their voices heard, to promote their passions and ignite the generosity and compassion of those who believe in them.

Below are the artists and musicians that One Day's Wages currently partners with or has partnered with in the past. If you are in the arts community and are interested in supporting One Day's Wages, please send us an email at:

Featured Artist

Sunia is an artist living in Portland, OR. Her formal training is in music but she often wanders into other creative disciplines. As she paints, Sunia prefers using a palette knife and a large brush while listening to music, often chewing on an idea or contemplating a current event. When she's not creating art or music, she is a pastor at The Groves Church and the Grassroots Engagement Manager with Micah Challenge USA. Sunia and her husband, Paul, have two kids, two dogs, and one spunky, gorgeous foster baby.


 Sunia is selling original art and prints, donating 25% of all the profits to the One Day's Wages Syria Relief Fund. Checkout her work at

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