Artists & Musicians

One Day’s Wages is excited to partner with artists and musicians in the Seattle community and beyond. By virtue of their talent and hard work, artists and musicians operate from a unique platform, allowing them to make their voices heard, to promote their passions and ignite the generosity and compassion of those who believe in them.

Below are the artists and musicians that One Day's Wages currently partners with or has partnered with in the past. If you are in the arts community and are interested in supporting One Day's Wages, please send us an email at:

Featured Artist

Ryan Henry Ward is a Seattle-based artist who has been described as "Seattle's most prolific muralist" by Seattle Weekly. Publicly active as an artist only since 2008, he has now done 177 murals on surfaces, such as buildings exteriors, school interiors, garages, and even vehicles in Seattle. He also sells canvases, prints and t-shirts. 



Ryan "Henry" Ward Art:

Currently his art can be found on a continuing basis at The Way Station Coffee. (40th and Leary) in the Fremont/Ballard neighborhood.

Prints and t-shirts are sold through

Ryan has an annual solo show the first weekend of December. "By far the greatest time you can have in Seattle" -Ryan "Henry" Ward

Learn more about Ryan "Henry" Ward on his Wikipedia page.


Ryan "Henry" Ward is partnering with ODW through 1201 Industries and by donating a live painting at our Annual Fundraising Gala October 11th.

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