Partner Organizations


There are many individuals and organizations that are doing amazing work towards ending extreme global poverty. Our hope is to share some of these stories and partner with some of these organizations - some that are known to our ODW members - but many smaller NGOs and CBOs in developing regions of the world that are not as well-known but nevertheless, doing amazing work.

Here is a list of our partners - a list we envision growing by hundreds in the years to come. For inquiries, contact us here.

Click on links below to learn about how ODW has partnered with these organizations to create a lasting global impact.

The Adventure Project

Project #51

Restoring wells and providing jobs for locals.



Preemptive Love

Project #36 and #50

Providing lifesaving heart surgeries to children in Iraq.



Project #49

Malaria Prevention in Myanmar 

Medical Teams International

Project #48

Haiyan Relief in the Philippines. 

World Concern

Projects #47, #21, and #2

Offering life, opportunity and hope in 18 of the most desperate countries on earth.


Project #46

Providing human rights education to people of Cambodia as a way to help prevent human trafficking.


Project #45

Agriculture development in the DRC.


Hope Through Health

Project #44

Treatment and care for 170 HIV+ children in Togo.


Project #43

Agricultural training for marginalized women in Rwanda.

Primeros Pasos

Project #42

Providing nutritional support for mothers and children in Guatemala.                               

John Dau Foundation

Project #41

Improving health care in South Sudan



Mali Health Organizing Project (MHOP)

Projects #40 and #16 

Empowering urban communities in Mali, Africa to improve maternal and child health.

United African Orphans and Widows Foundation (UAOWF)

Projects #39 and #12

Spurs encouragement and action against poverty, disease and injustices against women and orphans.

Water School

Project #38

Bringing clean water to 1,049 children and their families in Uganda

Breaking Ground

Project #37

Providing clean water to 3,500 in Cameroon

Building Tomorrow

Project #35

Building schools in Uganda where there would otherwise be little or no access to primary education.


Project #34

Providing assistance to families in Zimbabwe that have been affected by the AIDS epidemic.

Spark Ventures

Project #33

Providing 350 children better education and health care in Zambia.

Possible (formerly Nyaya Health)

Project #32

Providing free healthcare, and working for health equality for those in rural Nepal.


Sahaya International

Project #31

Providing improved healthcare to developing countries.

Create Change 

Project #30

Aiming to provide water and education to people who are living without. 


Eden Reforestation Projects 

Projects #29 and #24

Recreating healthy forest systems that restore hope and build local economies in impoverished communities.



Project #28

Providing assistance to communities in Niger by introducing sustainable agriculture programs. 



Project #27

Raising awareness and resources to combat child sex trafficking.


Transitions Global

Project #26

Providing Internet access and vocational training to survivors of Cambodian sex trafficking.  


Well Done Organization

Project #25

Providing access to clean water and a comprehensive hygeine program to the people in Peace Community, Liberia.  



Concern Worldwide

Project #23

Offering life, opportunity and hope in 18 of the most desperate countries on earth.  



Project #22

Humanitarian and development work that changes the way people think about and deliver aid in Africa.

Krochet Kids international

Project #20

Empowering people by offering the assets and skills to pull themselves out of poverty. 


Roots of Development

Project #19

Helping impoverished communities in Haiti obtain the resources they need to manage their own development.



Project #18

Bringing about positive change in the quality of life to the people in poverty in the Bundlekhand region of India.


Mercy In Action

Project #17

Seeking to ensure that all women have access to high quality maternal health services.


charity: water

Projects #15 and #5

A non-profit organization bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.


Splash (formerly A Child's Right)

Project #14

Providing water purification, filtration systems, hygiene education to locations with verified water issues.


Nuru International

Project #13

Hollistic programs in the following areas: agriculture, education, health care, and economic development. 


Sustainable Development Research Foundation (SDRF)

Project #11

Working in Southeast Asia to bring holistic transformation among poor, marginalized, and at-risk communities.


Common Ground Project

Project #10

CGP's mission is to help mitigate poverty, the single largest threat to well-being and social stability in Kenya.



Project #9

Seeking to meet daily needs of South Africans in the Kwazulu Natal region today.


HEAL Africa

Project #8

Providing free health and psychosocial services to survivors of gender based violence (GBV).



Project #7

Alleviating poverty by providing quality and cost effective micro-finance services to low income households.


World Vision

Project #6

Humanitarian organization that serves nearly 100 million people in 100 different countries.


Justice Ventures International

Project #4

Seeking to secure justice for the oppressed by strengthening ventures that promote justice.


Burmese Migrant Workers Education Committee (BMWEC)

Project #1

A community based organization of migrant education workers active in education in Burma and Thailand.