Farming & Food Security with Semilla Nueva

We are excited to begin our partnership with Semilla Nueva! Based in Guatemala, which faces the highest rate of malnutrition in the western hemisphere, Semilla Nueva focuses on sustainable agriculture to empower families through income and nutrition boosting technologies. This partnership will increase food security and provide additional income for families through the use of better crops and faming practices, impacting over 1000 families. 

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Empowering Families in Uganda

We're excited to launch a new partnership with Abide Family Center, a small NGO working to alleviate the orphan crisis in Uganda through the economic empowerment of families. This partnership will enable 45 mothers to attend Abide's business training classes, utilize counseling, medical and childcare services, as well as provide grants to launch their own small businesses. Read more »

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Become a Sponsor of our 7th Annual Gala!

by Eugene Cho

Dear Friends,

On Saturday, October 8th, 2016, we will be hosting our 7th Annual Gala at McCaw Hall in Seattle, Washington! In addition to requesting your presence at this event, I humbly ask you to consider coming alongside us by being an Matching Sponsor for our Gala. Read more »

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Beyond Collecting Water: These women are making the water flow

Written by Melissa Cushman @melissacushman // Photos by Adam Kingman @adamkingman & Melissa Cushman

Go to any well in Uganda, and you’ll probably notice that a majority of those standing in line to collect water are women and girls. On my recent trip to Uganda, this was certainly the case.

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Pediatric HIV Care in Zambia

We're coming alongside our partner Power of Love Foundation for our 97th project to invest in better pediatric care for HIV positive children living in Lusaka, Zambia. This program will provide 250 children residing in the Matero compound with weekly health check-ups, psycho-social counseling, and schooling for the kids. Another large component of the work is in education for the families and caretakers Read more »

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