Holistic Development in Kenya!

by | Sep 13, 2016

Can you believe it? One Day’s Wages is launching it’s 100th project! Our community (that’s YOU!) has enabled us to do sustainable global development work for 7 years now, helping us raise over 4.6 million dollars for clean water projects, building schools, creating access to healthcare, and much more! We are so excited about accomplishing this work together, and grateful for your support in getting us this far. We hope you will celebrate with us by contributing to our 100th project! .

Celebrating 100 with Haller!

For our 100th project, we are partnering with Haller to provide 700 people in Mombassa, Kenya with access to clean water and improved sanitation. This project is part of a holistic community approach to address the root causes of poverty with the goal of long-term community development in rural Kenya.

This partnership will help organize a community in Kenya to construct a rain-fed dam, a well and a bio-loo. These improvements will empower this community by providing them with clean water, sanitation, and irrigation for their farming plots. The community will then be trained in sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, aquaculture and livestock techniques.

A Beneficiary Story…

“My name is Patricia Mwameso (photo below), I am 50 years old and I live in Mombasa County. I have a seven acre farm here, where I grow maize, kale, cowpeas, potatoes, onions, cucumber and many other things. I started Haller’s training in 2010. Thanks to their help, I was named Farmer of the Year by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2011.

Their support enabled a dam and well to be built which gave me water for my crops. They also taught me how to use compost to fertilize my crops.

Thanks to my increased crop yield, I have been able to make enough money to build a good house for myself and my family, with electricity and water. I have also been able to send my seven children to private schools.

I enjoy farming because it has allowed me to keep my family well, and I enjoy teaching the things I have learned to others. Farming requires a lot of sacrifice and perseverance, especially when there is a disease outbreak. But I would say to other farmers, don’t give up.”

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Your generosity has allowed us to engage in 20 projects in 18 countries this last year alone, and as of today, together we have raised nearly $5 million to help empower people living in extreme poverty! THANK YOU for making this movement strong!

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