Provide Clean Water in Cambodia

by | Oct 25, 2016

We’re excited to launch a new partnership with a non-profit called Neverthirst, bringing sustainable clean water access to 5,000 people in Cambodia. By distributing bio-sand filters, families will be able to filter water in their home, decreasing the waterborne illnesses that are common in this area.

Join us as we come alongside Neverthirst to provide clean water in Cambodia!

Why Cambodia?

During the dry season 5 million people in Cambodia collect water from unsafe sources. Many home solutions for water access are ineffective and can lead to disease and illness. Which in addition to the dangers of diseases, there are added costs from parents missing work and children missing school.

ODW + Neverthirst

With this grant, our partner will be able to distribute 18 molds needed to build bio-sand filters. These molds can then be used to make 1,000 household filters annually. The filters are made locally, using products that are available locally, and are effective in removing the majority of contaminants, making the water safe to drink.

By working with local schools and churches, our partner Neverthirst is able to better engage the community to encourage ownership, sustainability, and empowerment.

Choun Tida’s Story

“My name is Chhoun Tida, I’m 25 years old my famiy lives in Poun village in Cambodia. The water used to cause many problems for my family, often causing fever and diarrhea. I was very worried about my family and worried that we would lose someone because of drinking the bad water. But now we have a bio sand filter, we don’t worry about water any more, we use it for drinking and washing food and its good for my family.”

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