Where Are They Now? Part II

by | May 31, 2018

Why intern?

Is it just about getting experience? Are internships even worth it these days? These are questions many of us have wrestled with, especially if you’re a student or on the job hunt.

At One Day’s Wages, we believe that interns are an integral part of our team. Our interns engage with the ODW staff to enhance our daily operations and to expand the reach of this global movement. We expect that our interns demonstrate a passion for global development, bring their own skills to the table, and fully participate in helping us roll-out our justice work. When we hire an intern, our hope is that they get as much out of the experience as we do—both for their future career goals and for their own personal fulfillment.

It’s with this goal in mind that we decided to check in on some of our past interns for a new series called “Where are they now?” We’re curious to see how our internships are impacting former team members and how they are contributing to our world!


Meet Christina

Why are you passionate about global health and non-profit work? Growing up I was always interested in medicine and traveling the world. It was clear to me that access to basic medicine is a human right and as I started to learn more and more about global health disparities I knew I wanted to make a difference. What I love so much about non-profit work is that it is not only rewarding (that feeling of having an impact on issues that matter and issues that you care about), but it is also challenging. In the non-profit world you often wear many hats and are constantly learning new things, and I find that really enjoyable.

What initially attracted you to the ODW internship? When I first saw this internship opportunity I was so thrilled because it was everything that I was looking for. I really wanted to gain experience in a non-profit that dealt with global issues, especially global health, and I could see that ODW really makes a difference.

What did you learn while you were an intern? How did your skills improve? Because I was so new to the non-profit world, I was excited to learn the ins and outs. ODW is also small in terms of staff, so I was exposed to a lot and learned about multiple different roles. As the Community Engagement Coordinator I learned a lot about donor relations and communication, and the importance of storytelling. Communication is such a great tool when it comes to non-profit work so I am really glad I was able to learn that from Melissa.

Do you have any funny or inspiring stories about your time with us? I can’t think of a specific instance, I just remember being excited to be there–so excited that I drove an hour and half each way twice a week! ODW is a really great family to be a part of and also a wonderful learning environment.

Why did you decide to move to Phoenix? What is your new life there like? I moved to Phoenix to work with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. When I was still in college my family moved to Phoenix so it was one of the cities I was looking at when I was job searching. I really enjoy it so far! The environment is totally different, but I think living somewhere new is a great experience to have when you are in your 20’s.

Where do you work now and what is your job like? How did your time at ODW prepare you for it? I currently work with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) as a Campaign Specialist for their Light The Night event. I work with our business partners that run fundraising campaigns for us, manage Friends & Family fundraising teams to help them meet their goals, and I also plan different events throughout the year, including our big Light The Night walk event that happens in November.

The fundraising and communication skills that I learned at ODW really helped me prepare for this role. I learned a lot about social media communication, impact reports, email marketing, donor relations/appreciation, that have really carried over to my responsibilities at LLS. Whether its sending an email that is going out to 3,000 participants or I am speaking in front of 40 retail employees, I feel prepared because of the storytelling skills that I learned while I was with ODW.


Ready to join the team?

Check out our open Community Outreach Coordinator intern position! Work with our Development Director to build relationships, oversee fundraising campaigns, and prepare for our annual Gala!

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