Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the most common questions we've received about One Day's Wages. FAQ about donations can be found here. If you have additional questions, contact us

What is the hope of the organization? How will you do this?
ODW promotes awareness, invites simple giving, and supports sustainable relief through partnerships, especially with smaller organizations in developing regions. We believe technology + relationships can engage millions of ordinary people in the fight against global poverty.
Why start a new organization when you can give your money to a current organization that is already making a global impact?
We considered this option, since there are many well-established and effective organizations fighting poverty. But the scope and scale of the problems pretty much require that many more organizations will need to join the fight, so we are throwing our hat in the ring. We’re bringing something and someone new—you!
When and how will you give away your money? And to whom?

Our goal is to invest 100% of all donations for projects in small and medium sized organizations around the world that are already fighting extreme poverty.  We will be asking you, our worldwide partners, to help identify and nominate organizations to consider vetting and supporting.

Why do you think you can make a difference?
Because people are already making a difference. In one sense, we’re not really creating anything new, but we do aim to create lifelong givers out of many people who have never given before or consistently.
How do you intend to invest in sustainable projects?

While compassion compels us, we also seek to invest wisely in sustainable projects so that we can do more than provide temporary relief. We will strive hard to build long-lasting relationships and work with local community leaders to work towards permanent reductions in poverty.

Finding efficient and effective non-profit partners on the ground is an important first step. Because keeping our administrative costs low is important, we’ll plan a few strategic site visits, but our primary strength will come from people like you who join us and have either visited, know people, or possibly be where the problems are most acute.

I’ve noticed that the founders of this organization are Christians… so is this a religious organization?
No, One Day’s Wages is not a Christian organization. Yes, the co-founders are Christians and their faith is important to them and influences the values of the organization: hope, integrity, compassion, justice, etc. But these are universal values, and, more importantly, the fight against global poverty is not just a Christian cause--it is a human rights issue. It doesn’t matter to us what one's particular confession is or is not; so long as you also care about human dignity, rights, and suffering and are involved in the fight against global poverty, we want to partner with you.