Volunteer Opportunities


Our staff – both volunteers and paid – are the heart of our organization.  They are people that passionately believe in the organization, engage in important work, and help us execute the vision of our grassroots organization. Our goal is to gather a growing group of committed and passionate supporters of ODW with certain areas of expertise. 

“An internship at ODW is extremely rewarding. The work you complete here is instrumental to the success of the organization. You will work on real projects and be very involved in the day-to-day operations.” –Eli Chin 

Internship Positions:

All internships are part-time, unpaid, and based out of our Seattle, WA office. The internship term lasts 6 months.

Open Volunteer Staff Positions:

All volunteer staff positions are part-time, unpaid, and based out of our Seattle, WA office. [Read our staff expectations]

How to Apply:

Please send your resume and a cover letter to Philip Keeton at philip@onedayswages.org. Cover letter should include the following info:

  • Which position you’re applying for.
  • Why do you want to work at One Day’s Wages?
  • How does your previous experience/education qualify you for this position?
  • At least one personal OR professional reference.

Intern & Volunteer Staff Testimonials:

We are very fortunate to have had such amazing people volunteer and intern with us over the years. Here are a few of their experiences:

Eli - Operations Coordinator

What was the highlight of the internship?

"The highlight of my internship was working on a project for ODW’s Birthday for a Cause campaigns. Birthday campaigns are a big part of ODW and how people get involved. It was cool to see the project go from ideation, to planning, to construction, and finally to implementation. I learned a lot throughout the process and the final product is something I am very proud of. Also, ping-pong breaks with Philip!!"

Jinny - Community Engagement Coordinator

Why did you decide to intern here?

"I came across Eugene at an event where he spoke about global poverty. As the night went on, I came to realize the vision he had to help this cause was inspiring. He believed that individuals like us can take small steps, but together they create a great movement. I wanted to work with an organization that believes in community and yet the power of one individual. I’m so glad that I was able to contribute to ODW and hope that others will do the same."

Devi - Grant Analyst 

What was something inspiring you learned while working for ODW?

"I am always looking for potential organizations for us to work with, and it's fascinating to me how each one has a slightly different approach to eliminating a major problem in their community. It's always interesting to see how each of these organizations is incredibly dedicated to the work they do. It makes me want to work even harder to find more organizations."

Kenzie - Grant Analyst

What do you hope for ODW in the future?

"I hope ODW continues to tell great stories. I hope they continue listening, sharing, learning, & empowering people. I hope more & more individuals and companies are moved to action and commitment in a way that partners with people across the globe who are trapped in a cycle of poverty. I hope ODW continues to spread a desire for justice, equality, and hope in tangible ways, embodied in the projects and partnerships built."

Jacob - Community Engagement Coordinator

Why did you decide to do this internship?

I decided to do this internship not only to gain valuable work experience but also to make a difference. As a high school student, it is hard to find ways to make an impact on issues that are going on in other countries. I saw One Day's Wages as a great way to help out with some key issues and also as a way to prepare myself for the future.