Milton's Birthday for a Cause

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Name: Milton Barry

Birthday: July 15th

Why I'm Doing This:

I'm Milton. I'm a dog. I live in the world. I'm turning three--on July 15th. My parents are John and Kalene Barry. They go places and help One Day's Wages with stuff.

My Invitation to You:

I thought about asking for treats for my birthday, but my parents told me that there are poor dogs that don't have treats. They, and people too, don't even have trees (which I like) or clean water (which my Mom makes me drink). So, rather than buy me a toy or treats--which I know you want to do--help someone. For my third birthday, I'm raising three hundred dollars, one human at a time. (Think of all the treats you could buy with that--wait, think of all those that could be helped with that.)

My parents are starting off the campaign by donating thirty dollars for my third. I also donated five dollars my Mom dropped. If we don't raise enough by the time of my birthday, I'll steal my Dad's socks and sell them.

Help spread the movement of One Day's Wages. Create your OWN birthday for a cause NOW.

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Donations to this Fund

Name Amount Comment Date
Anonymous $190.00 Happy birthday Mr. Milt. 07.21.2012
Vickie Barry $30.00 Go Milton go! 07.16.2012
Douglas Mangum $5.00 07.16.2012
Anonymous $10.00 Milton, this if from your Nana, Patty Mitchell. 07.15.2012
Bryan Pritchett $30.00 07.14.2012
Anonymous $5.00 This is Milton. 07.11.2012
John Barry $30.00 $30 for Milton's 3rd. 07.11.2012