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Your generosity has allowed us to engage in 20 projects in 18 countries this last year alone, and as of today, together we have raised nearly $5 million to help empower people living in extreme poverty! THANK YOU for making this movement strong!


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Bezalel Ho Donated $230.00
Bruce Close Donated $5000.00
Jennifer Porter Donated $104.60
Katie Goldsmith Donated $70.00
Charles Watson Donated $3775.76
Seong-June Kim Donated $25.00
Philip Keeton Donated $2.39
Greg Jacobson Donated $2250.00
Heather Timms Donated $21.16
Russell Tan Donated $20.00
Emily Beck Donated $100.00
Melissa Cushman Donated $1043.25
Joon Park Donated $104.60
Karen and Rob Sanford Donated $250.00
Benjamin Garrett Donated $400.00
Elizabeth Linford Donated $70.00
Elizabeth Linford Donated $70.00
Russell Tan Donated $50.00
Patricia Fredberg Donated $50.00
Macjules Sevilla Donated $30.00
Fred and Cathy Raley Donated $782.51
Bezalel Ho Donated $261.04
Caroline Lim Donated $14.90
Brian Lau Donated $50.00