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Primary education is critical in the development of children and their communities. Not only does education develop important intellectual and social skills, education breaks down socioeconomic barriers and creates opportunities for children who would otherwise lack them. Today, 57 million children are not enrolled in school due to poverty, lack of teachers and classrooms, and other obstacles. We work towards achieving universal primary education. One child at a time.


Why Children’s Education?

The primary objective of children’s education is to give children all of the necessary tools to reach their highest potential. Considerable progress in children’s education has been achieved since 2000, in fact, the number of out-of-school children has been cut in half! Even still, in the developing world 1 in 10 primary aged children are not enrolled in school.

Universal enrollment (97 percent) in primary education has nearly been achieved in all areas except Sub-Saharan Africa. The challenges that face children’s education in this region are daunting. Some of these challenges include rapid growth of primary school aged children, armed conflict, and natural disasters.


Our Impact

At One Day’s Wages we know that educating the children of the world is invaluable to fighting extreme global poverty. In an effort to close the disparity gap in education we work on projects that dismantle barriers keeping children from attending school. We also understand that quality of education is equally important to access to education. Therefore, our projects emphasize providing children living in poverty or rural areas the same opportunities for education as everyone else.

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