8 Reasons to Take Action Against Global Poverty This Holiday Season

In a constant sea of news headlines, heartbreaking images, and divisive commentary, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by what’s going on in our world today.

We all care about people who are in need, but sometimes it seems easier to just turn it off, and tune it out...especially with the busyness of the holidays.

It doesn’t have to be like this though. Water-borne disease, lack of education for girls, emergency relief for refugees; these needs may seem overwhelming, but how you can respond is not.

Enough of the headlines. Enough of the commentary. Let’s get back to what really matters this holiday season. Consider these 8 simple reasons why we should take grassroots action against global poverty right now:

1. Because ALL people have dignity. No matter where they were born, their gender, age, religion, politics, race, ethnicity, or culture.
2. Because everyone deserves to have their basic needs met. But sadly, even basic necessities such as clean water are unattainable for over 800 million people worldwide. 
3. Because poverty stifles opportunity. 32 million adolescent girls are currently out of school. This is tragic considering that for every year a girl attends secondary school her future earning power rises by 20%.

4. Because it’s sustainable & community-driven. Our work empowers people and communities through resources, skills, and opportunities.
5. Because efficiency & transparency matter. We’re a small team with a big footprint. And we think you should know how your gift is being used, and that it’s used well.
6. Because it works. Our 88 projects in 6 years = 10,550 girls accessing secondary education, clean water for 106,966 people, 3.6 million given to projects in 47 countries.

7. Because we care. 
8. And because WE CAN.

Together, our impact over the holidays could make a huge difference for people experiencing extreme global poverty. If just $45 can send 1 girl to secondary school for an entire year, imagine what you and your community could do for the world?

3 Ways to Take Action Now:

Ready to take grassroots action against global poverty this holiday season? Here’s your chance to make 100% of your gift go straight to the work on the ground. Choose your method of action below.