Rescue & Reintegration: Puja's Story

One Days Wages is partnering with Rescue:Freedom to rescue 60 women and girls who have fallen victim to the human trafficking industry in Pune, India. Rescue:Freedom will work with local law enforcement to rescue these women and girls from brothels, and then reintegrate them into safe and supportive communities.

We invite you to learn about this partnership below, and read the story of Puja, Read more »

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You can invest in health for women & children

We're thrilled to partner with Mali Health for a 3rd project, a savings and loan program that will help women in Mali pay for their family's health care. In small groups, these women can both learn and practice saving and investing, all while addressing their family's health care needs. In total this project will empower 1,500 woman and their families with the resources to access better health care.  Read more »

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Nepal: A Year After the Earthquake

In  2015, Nepal experienced a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that delivered multiple aftershocks and inflicted damage on almost half of the country’s districts. Over 8,000 people were killed in the quake, and thousands more were injured.

An earthquake of this size in a country like Nepal where extreme poverty hampers infrastructure, the impact is far worse, both in the tragic loss of life and in their ability to bounce back and rebuild in the years to Read more »

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Join us to provide clean water in Senegal!

We  are incredibly excited to launch our 2nd partnership with CREATE! in Senegal to provide access to clean, abundant, and affordable water to 2,500 people. This project will include installing water basins, elevated reservoirs, solar panels, and gravity-fed irrigation systems in each community's garden site. The improvement of clean water along with agricultural training will enable cooperative members to grow vegetables for economic Read more »

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