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Thank you for your generosity and support. We have additional great news to share with you today.

One Day's Wages is excited to present a $8,992 grant to Mali Health Organizing Project (MHOP). By supporting this project, funds will be used for MHOP's growing Action for Health program which aims to both decrease child and maternal mortality and increase civic and social engagement. 

Who is MHOP?

MHOP's mission is to empower urban communities in Mali to improve maternal and child health. They help families that are unable to afford health care receive comprehensive primary care for children in exchange for family participation in the community. In exchange, they participate in public service designed to improve the health of the community as a whole while building their skills as future health leaders. They enable the community to design and build their own healthy systems, while empowering them to improve the effectiveness, sustainability, local leadership, and financing of primary health care. MHOP does this by: 

  • Fostering the agency of residents to address community health needs;
  • Promoting health education, prevention, and early care-seeking;
  • Enhancing financial, geographic, and cultural access to health care for poor families. 

MHOP's ultimate goal is to provide the local Sikoro community with a lasting model child survival program that has the potential for replication across Mali and West Africa. 

MHOP's Focus

MHOP aspires to eliminate the health disparities that exist in marginalized communities such as Sikoro. Their program seeks to address Mali's maternal and child health crisis. Mali is the ninth poorest country in the world (UNDP, 2010) and has one of the highest child mortality rates in the world. One in five children dies before age five (World Bank, 2009), and one in fifteen women die of maternal complications (UNICEF, 2005). Much of Mali's mortality is preventable, with ninety percent of child deaths caused by five treatable diseases: diarrhea, malnutrition, malaria, respiratory infections, and measles (Mali Ministry of Health, 2008). MHOP's focus on targeted free care and health education strives to empower the Sikoro community to mobilize for healthy change. 


ODW's grant to MHOP will fund their Action for Health program. This unique, community-led initiative enrolls the poorest families in Sikoro in a comprehensive primary care program for children. This program will reach to approximately 2,000 people, including roughly 400 children under the age of 5, and plan to expand to reach 57,600 indigent people by 2015. 

Action for Health will:

1. Increase Child Survival and Pre-Natal Care

Action for Health will decrease the under-5 mortality rate (currently one in five across Mali) in Sikoro by increasing access to primary health care services. 

2. Foster a Community Investment in Health 

Action for Health will translate a personal investment in health to community action through action fees that contribute to public health initiatives. 

3. Increase Community Capacity to Respond to Evolving Health Needs

Action for Health will increase residents' ability to address health needs by training local health service providers and lay health leaders. 

4. Present an Alternative Model to User-Fees

The Sikoro-based pilot of Action for Health will be evaluated and revised to create a replicable model of health care financing for peri-urban communities across West Africa. 

We are excited to come alongside the great work that MHOP is doing. We look forward to updating you on their progress in the coming months. 

Thank you for helping to make this grant possible!

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