Project #27 Funded & Extended | Love146 [Philippines]

Another project funded because of you!

We have exciting news, not only has our matching grant with Love146 been fully funded for a total of $24,463, but because of your amazing generosity that far surpassed our goal, we decided to extend this campaign to include a second phase in our support for Love146's Round Home. Our second phase in this partnership will seek to raise an additional $9,745 for a total of $34,208 to fund the Round Home's Health and Hygiene Initiative. Thank you for your faithful support and trust!

How Did We Accomplish This?

This campaign was funded by a grassroots effort to get the word out and inspire action. Some of you donated your birthday for this campaign, like BryantJustin, and Kim. This was also accomplished through a generous $10,000 donation. We could not have reached our goal without each and every contribution, and each of you that shared the story. Thank you for your generosity and support! 

We still need your help as we try to fund the second phase of our partnership. [Donate Here]

The Project

Through this partnership we will be able to fund the next two years of the education and vocational training elements of the Round Home aftercare program in the Philippines. 

The Round Home is a safe home for formerly sexually exploited/trafficked girls. The Round Home program is committed to facilitating ways and means to promote the children’s productiveness, empowerment and realization of their potentials, it also serves as a protection from re-experiencing abuse and exploitation. One of the ways this is accomplished is through education and vocational training. For each child we explore and pinpoint opportunities and institutions that will enable the child to make a suitable and sustainable living. [Learn More]

A Message From Love146

I look at the girls and see numerous scars on their wrists. I also recall their similar histories of other attempts to end their young lives. They were trafficked, exploited, brutalized and treated like objects, not human beings. They saw no more reason to live in this world where they were robbed of all innocence, dignity, hope, and future. And all because they just wanted to go to school. They were too poor and became vulnerable to promises that they would be sent to school, but were instead thrown into the bondage of underworld trafficking and exploitation. That was their common story.

I look again, but now see happy faces and jubilant smiles. They now go to school, their fondest dream. In school, they discover their potentials - that they can excel, that they have talents, and that they can be worthy of respect and admiration because their efforts lead to achievements in different fields. Every now and then, we celebrate because some of them graduate, some pass crucial exams, some obtain school recognitions of one type or another. And for some who are not as talented, education also prods them to be forward moving in many ways. All of them are finding meaning, enthusiasm, and joy in their life. This is now their common story.

And then I think of the boys and girls, men and women, whose sacrifices halted the dark sequel to these girls’ dark histories and help them unfold brighter life stories. One Days’ Wages, your support of their education is a support toward hope, life, and a better world.

On behalf of the girls, thank you.

Gundelina Velazco, Director for Asia Aftercare Love146

The Next Phase

The next phase in this partnership will turn the focus to health and hygiene for the girls in the Round Home. Love146's Round Home in the Philippines is uniquely designed to facilitate the restoration of every child that enters its doors. The Round Home is a place where a child is safe, secure, and cared for physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The Round Home will supply survivors with regular physical examinations, medication, and basic hygiene needs like clean water and toiletries.  The aftercare provides hope to bring about the full restoration and protection of the dignity, integrity, and sense of worth of every girl in the Round Home. 

Thank you for making this possible!

We're grateful for your partnership, support, and trust. ODW is you, me, us, and them working together for a more compassionate and just world.

Please consider helping us fund the second phase of this partnership.

As always, we'll report back to you with videos, pictures, and progress reports as they become available to us.