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One Day's Wages is proud to partner with Preemptive Love Coalition, an organization that is providing lifesaving heart surgeries to children in Iraq. ODW will match the $5,000 raised for a total of $10,000.

The funds that are raised through this partnership will go towards the medical supplies for Preemptive Love's upcoming Remedy Missions. This two week intensive will provide surgery for 20+ children, as well as 5,000 hours of pediatric cardiac training for local medical teams.

Who is Preemptive Love Coalition?

Preemptive Love Coalition is a non-profit organization that is providing lifesaving heart surgeries for Iraqi children. Iraq has one of the largest backlogs of children waiting in line for lifesaving heart surgery in the world. PLC was created to save the lives of the thousands of children waiting in the backlog while training and raising up local pediatric heart surgeons and health professionals that can be a long-term local solution. PLC is working to increase local capacity, and equip Iraqi medical teams so they they can eradicate the backlog.  

The Need

Iraq has an extremely high rate of birth defects of the heart, the most common being Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). CHD usually requires some form of treatment. In the most simple cases, it can be treated with medication. Most cases, however, require a complex open-heart surgical correction, yet there are not enough pediatric surgeons that have the knowledge or skills needed to save these children. Every year, a select few children are sent outside the country to receive medical care, while the overwhelming majority of children remain unattended to.

Because the need is so great, and the resources to operate are so limited, thousands of children are placed on "waiting lists" every year. Today, there are over 30,000 children that are in urgent need of lifesaving heart surgery. The statistics are staggering:

  • There are 3,000 known children in the northern Kurdish Region waiting for surgery.
  • Up to 11,000 children are added to the backlog each year. 
  • A single Baghdad hospital may deny up to 80 children treatment per day.

While tens of thousands of children await their operations and are forced to live with CHD, thousands more are born with the same problem, adding to the backlog. PLC is working to ensure that every child receives the treatment that they need. Their construction of treatment centers has ensured that all children live within a  three hour drive of lifesaving medical care and surgery.

What is the ODW + Preemptive Love Coalition Partnership?

One Day's Wages partnership with Preemptive Love Coalition will help to fund a "Remedy Mission." This two week intensive program focuses on providing over 5,000 hours of training to local medical teams, as well as providing lifesaving pediatric heart surgeries to over 20 Iraqi children. The funds raised through this matching grant will be used to purchase all of the medical supplies and disposables that will be used during the Remedy Mission. Through these Remedy Missions, PLC is encouraging and empowering local health professionals so that Iraq will soon have multiple pediatric heart surgeons and heart centers.

How You Can Help.


Our Pledge To You.

100% of your donations (minus credit card fees) will go directly to this project. As usual, we'll report back to our community about the progress of the funding and once funded, will report back with pictures, videos, and stories to convey the impact of this project.

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