Project #36 Funded: Lifesaving Heart Surgeries in Iraq for 20+ Children

We're thrilled to announce that our matching grant with Preemptive Love Coalition has been fully funded for a total of $10,000! Because of your generous support over 20 Iraqi children will be receive lifesaving heart surgeries and local health professionals will receive dedicated training to ensure they are able to address this issue in the years to come. Thank you for making this matching grant possible!

How Did We Accomplish This?

The success of this partnership would not have been possible without your support. Briana donated her birthday to this campaign, while others donated directly to the cause. Whether you donated your daily wage or simply shared the story, we are thankful for your involvement in this partnership and your trust in the ODW movement.  

Why Heart Surgery?

Iraq has an very high rate of birth defects of the heart, the most common being Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). CHD usually requires some form of treatment. In the most simple cases, it can be treated with medication. Most cases, however, require a complex open-heart surgical correction.  

Because the need is so great, and the resources to operate are so limited, thousands of children are placed on "waiting lists" every year. Today, there are over 30,000 children that are in urgent need of lifesaving heart surgery. [Learn More]

A Message From Preemptive Love Coalition:

From all of us at Preemptive Love and on behalf of children all over Iraq, thank you for helping us reach our goal! 
You truly have overwhelmed us with your generosity these past few weeks. Many of you sacrificially gave a day's wages, some celebrated birthdays but instead of presents you opted to help save a life in Iraq, and others of you used your voice and platform to raise awareness and get the word out about the lifesaving medicine we're trying to get to Iraq. We're extremely grateful for all of these efforts!
When we launched this campaign I told you that we needed your help so that we could save the lives of another 20 children in Iraq. But to do that, we needed to get the lifesaving medicine and supplies we needed to make that possible. Because of your generous donations, now we have what we need to get these lifesaving tools in the hands of our local doctors in Iraq. But don't just take my word for it - you can see all of this for yourself on our upcoming Remedy Mission happening next month! 
We hope you'll continue to follow us these coming weeks as we put your hard earned donations to work and start saving lives in Iraq. 
Without you, this wouldn't have been possible. Thank you! 
Peace from Iraq,
Jeremy Courtney | Founder & Executive Director, Preemptive Love

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Thank you for making this possible!

We're grateful for your partnership, support, and trust. ODW is you, me, us, and them working together for a more compassionate and just world.