Providing Treatment and Care for 170 HIV+ Children

Announcing partnerships is an exciting time at the ODW office, at this point in the process we've already spent several weeks vetting the organizations so there's a sense of pride to introduce you to our partner. It's also exciting because we get to tell the stories of impact and issues in the communities, and through that we get to invite you to be part of the process to make a difference.

It's in that spirit that we are so excited about this partnership with Hope Through Health to treat and empower children living with HIV in Togo. Through this matching grant for a total of $27,787, Hope Through Health will be able to provide treatment through antiretroviral therapy and wraparound services for 170 HIV+ children

ODW + Hope Through Health

Founded by Peace Corps Volunteers working in collaboration with a community of people living with HIV, Hope Through Health works to expand access to healthcare for all individuals through community-driven initiatives in partnership with the public sector in Togo, West Africa.

HIV/AIDS is having a devastating impact on children in Togo. UNAIDS estimates that over 19,000 children are already living with the virus and that it has orphaned more than 89,000. Tragically, children living with HIV/AIDS in Togo who cannot access treatment services face certain death. The availability of effective treatment offers children the hope for longer, more productive lives.

Hope Through Health operates the Pediatric HIV Treatment Program to provide these lifesaving services to children living with HIV in the dramatically underserved nation of Togo in West Africa. The program has three main goals:

  • To test and treat children early.
  • To ensure adherence to lifesaving antiretroviral therapy.
  • To provide wraparound services to improve survival rates for children living with HIV.

The Impact of Antiretroviral Therapy:

The difference ART can have on someone's life is tremendous; this before and after photo of a boy named Sadate (a Hope Through Health patient) shows its impact. In 2006, Sadate was hospitalized, tested positive for HIV and was immediately started on ART. At 10 years old, he weighed only 22 pounds but within one year of treatment his weight doubled. He attended school for the first time and at 11 years old he ran for the first time in his life. Today Sadate is 17 years old and thriving. [2006 on the left - 2010 on the right]

How You Can Help:

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