Business Partnerships

At One Day’s Wages we love partnering with businesses who want to make an impact on the world. Sponsoring an ODW cause shows your community that you're the kind of business that is committed to giving back.

6 Reasons to Sponsor a One Day's Wages Cause: 

  • You Choose the Cause: choose one of our causes that speaks to you, and know that 100% of your donations go straight to it

  • Flexibility: choose how your business sponsors--host an event, donate a portion of sales, or offer to match customer donations

  • Tax Deductible: donations to ODW are tax deductible through our 501c3 non-profit status

  • Demonstrate Your Values: show your customers and employees you are a business that values social responsibility

  • New Marketing Content: sponsoring an ODW cause will give you a new story to tell your customers about your business

  • Co-Branding Opportunities: we love collaborating with businesses on products that benefit both your business and ODW

How Does a Sponsorship Work? 

  1. Choose a cause to sponsor
  2. Decide on how you will sponsor and we will help you setup your group page on our website
  3. Share your page with your community to raise awareness & funds for the cause you're sponsoring! 

Groups who raise $1,000 or more will be featured on the partnership page and blog post for the cause they sponsor once it has been funded! They'll also get cool ODW merch! For groups who plan to raise 10K or more, let us know if you are interested in special sponsorship opportunities. 

Contact to learn how your business can sponsor a cause.


Some of ODW's Business Partners:


MiiR is a certified B-Corp and Product to Project™ company - every product we make funds a trackable giving project.



Japonessa has partnered with ODW for several years as an Annual Gala Sponsor.

           Go! Outfitters is an upstart hammock and camping gear manufacturer, and they will be donating a portion of their proceeds to ODW's Clean Water Fund.


HP purchased nearly 55,000 MiiR water bottles for their employees to celebrate the launch of HP Inc last year, and made a donation to support ODW clean water projects globally.

Eyepatch Entertainment

Eyepatch Entertainment provides free DJ services and supports ODW by donating 50% of what clients donate.


Irene S. Parkhill DDS has partnered with ODW for several years as an Annual Gala Sponsor.


Campbell Nelson has partnered with ODW for several years as an Annual Gala Sponsor.


Pro Care Inc has partnered with ODW for several years as an Annual Gala Sponsor.



Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle 

At the Pan Pacific Hotel bar, $4 from every drink sold in their "Cocktails for a Cause" will be donated to ODW's Hunger Fund during 2014, 2015 and 2016.



Razzi's Pizzeria

Razzi's has chosen One Day's Wages to receive it's monthly non-profit donation in February, June and December of 2014, as well as December 2015, which went toward the One Day's Wages Fund.


IRON-CORE FiT is having a series of Charity Bootcamps and Workouts for a Cause that benefit ODW's anti-human trafficking work.

RPA (Real Property Associates)

For every #KeyToHappiness selfie posted on their Facebook page during the holidays, RPA donated $25 to the ODW Clean Water Fund.


The Moontree

The Moontree is donating 10% of all sales from it's handmade, fair trade soaps, scrubs and accessories to the ODW Human Trafficking Fund.



 Amy Margaret

Amy Margaret is donating 25% of the retail value of all sales from their global friendship bracelets to the ODW Women's Empowerment Fund.


Flora Forager

Flora Forager is donating half of the proceeds from their "(Set the Captives) Free" print to the ODW Human Trafficking Fund.

nine five ltd.

When a purchase is made at nine five ltd, the purchaser can select ODW as the benefiting charity. 20% of the purchase will go to ODW. 


Khoza Technology

Khoza Technology has been a long time partner of ODW, supporting our many tech needs. 


Wet Ink Printing

Wet Ink Printing generously donated their assistance in providing all of our printing needs for our annual Gala.