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Start a monthly gift of at least $25 today!


ODW Core Supporters

Start a monthly gift of at least $25 today!


ODW is excited to launch a new giving opportunity that enables you to make an impact all year round! Become an ODW Core Supporter today and you will join a community committed to alleviating extreme global poverty!

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We mean it when we say you don’t need to be a celebrity or billionaire to make an impact. You can become a Core Supporter by starting a monthly donation to our operations of a least $25. The process is fast and easy! Join us today!

See the Impact: Meet Fatoumata

This is an important day for Fatoumata. She is a member of a savings group in Kalabambougou, Mali that just completed its savings program. Today, the women are distributing the money they saved, and will be going home with both the knowledge and products they need to keep their families healthy.

One Day’s Wages partnered with Mali Health to enable women like Fatoumata and her neighbors to join savings groups. Since then, thousands of women have attended meetings, saved their funds, offered each other loans, and learned more about maintaining their families’ health. As each group finishes a rotation of their savings program, mothers use some of the money they saved to buy products that will help keep them and their children healthy – things like soap and bleach. Fatoumata purchased soap, detergent, and bleach when her group ended today, which she says she’ll use for “washing and disinfecting food, and to keep my children clean.”Such simple products can make a big difference in her family’s health, helping them avoid potentially dangerous illnesses. Before joining her savings group, she had trouble affording items like these.

Fatoumata shares that being in a savings group was a special experience: “for me, the savings represent solidarity and access to funds that were never available before.” Thanks to the One Day’s Wages community, Fatoumata was able to join her savings group, access funds when she needed them, and purchase products that are essential to keeping her family healthy.

Fatoumata is one of thousands we've impacted this year

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