FAQ about Donations

Are my donations tax-deductible?
Yes. One Day's Wages is a registered 501(c)(3) organization in the United States. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.
How do I donate?
You can donate here through three main options: mail, online, and transfers.  Or you can plug in your salary on the right hand side, calculate, choose which organization you want to support and make a donation or simply a donation in any amount.
Why 'one day's wages' and how often should I donate?
Anyone can give less or more but the concept of one day's wages is very simple: a person's one day's wages can make a significant impact.  Anyone can give. You don't have to be rock stars, millionaires, or Hollywood A-listers to make an impact on the issues of injustice and extreme poverty. But having said that, we don't mind receiving the one day's wages of Bono, Bill Gates, or Julia Roberts.
You can certainly just make a one-time donation but we are asking all of our ODW members to just give when they join ODW and renew their pledge monthly, quarterly, or at least each year on their birthdays.  As you are blessed on your birthday, choose to be a blessing to others. 
What if I'm not working?
You don't have to be working to be a part of ODW. We have young children, students, unemployed, and retired folks that have joined our movement. We simply invite you to register and create a profile, and make any donation.
What is the "Giving Fund" and "Administrative Fund?"
The 'Giving Fund' is the fund by which we partner and invest in organizations around the world. 100% of gifts to the Giving Fund (minus transaction costs) goes directly to organizations that are nominated by our ODW members, submit a grant, and are approved by our board of directors. The 'Administrative Fund' is the fund that supports the administrative costs of the organization.
What does ODW do with the money it raises?
ODW uses 100% of the money raised for projects (minus transactions costs) to directly grant to proven organizations, projects, and causes around extreme global poverty. While compassion is very important, our priority is not to give hand-outs but to carefully fund organizations, projects, and causes that empower the poorest of the poor to lift themselves out of poverty. While there must be numerous strategies to end extreme global poverty, we understand that money isn't the solution but rather, people. 
Why should I donate to ODW rather than directly to the organizations you support?
It is very important to understand that ODW is a grassroots movement. Our goal is not merely to raise money but to inspire people towards compassionate justice. We want to inspire people to care about the billions that are suffering from extreme poverty. While 100% of all donations for projects go to organizations, causes, and projects, individuals are more than welcome to give directly to any of the organizations we highlight through this website. We don't care how...we simply want to invite people to engage the cause to end extreme global poverty.
How can people be certain that 100% of the money goes where it’s supposed to?
ODW has a several fold policy in who and how we partner with organizations. In addition to a thorough grant process, we attempt to have a hands on approach with the funds that ODW invests in organizations and projects. After finding efficient and effective non-profit partners, we monitor the progress of a project and ask for documents, write-ups, photography, and video reports to corroborate the progress and completion of a project. We'll also occasionally send staff and volunteers (on their own budget) to the field to ensure that your donations are being used with efficiency and integrity.
What is a matching donation? How do I know if my donation is eligible to be matched?
Matching donations happen when employers (usually) double a donation made to a non-profit organization by their employees - and thus, a "matching donation." Many companies have matching programs, so check with your employer to see if your donation qualifies to be matched. Companies that have matching programs include: AMGEN, Alaska Airlines, Bank of America, Boeing, Boeing Employees Credit Union, The Gates Foundation, Getty Images, Microsoft, Starbucks, U.S. Bancorp.
Unfortunately, we cannot initiate a corporate match; please contact your company to obtain the necessary forms and instructions for matching your donation. We're currently set up for matching donations at Bank of America, Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, and hope that our supporters will help to grow this list.
What happens when a fund exceeds the 100% goal of a project?
This occasionally occurs when Birthday For a Cause Campaigns or employee matching donations go toward a specific partner. If funds for the project have already been reached at 100% of the partnership goal, any remaining funds will go into our General Giving Fund and be allocated to other grants and projects around the world.