Impact of One Day's Wages


When looking at extreme global poverty it is easy to feel discouraged and ask: What can one person do? Could my day’s wages have an impact? Can I really make a difference?  Here at ODW, we believe the answers are an emphatic “Yes.”

Yes, one person can make a difference. As one individual joins another and this process continues, soon there is a community fighting to change the world. It is during this process we learn and are changed too.  We not only have much to give but also much to receive and learn.

Yes, a person's one day's wages can make a difference. An average working person's daily wage is approximately 0.4% of their annual salary. Consider the impact we can make for another person, a family, a village, or an organization on the ground uplifting people out of poverty!

Consider the potential impact:

If you're still asking, "Can we really make a difference?"




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