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We're proud to be partnering with Breaking Ground through a $16,767 matching grant to address the water security of 3,500 people in Baleveng, Cameroon.

This partnership will enable Breaking Ground and their local partner, RIDEV, to build an electric pump and water reservoir, and implement a local hygiene program. This project will go a long ways to help to ensure safer, healthier lives for those living in the community.

Who is Breaking Ground?

Breaking Ground partners with Cameroonians to achieve lasting solutions to their self-identified needs by investing in local knowledge, empowering women, and promoting economic development. 

By empowering Cameroonian communities to implement their own grassroots projects, Breaking Ground encourages and supports sustainable, bottom-up development.

The Partnership

In the community of Baleveng in west Cameroon there is an urgent need for improved drinking water and for a health education program. Currently all 3,500 members of the community gather their water from a small spring they must wade into to fetch water. In 2011 alone there were 650 documented cases of water-related diseases in the area.

This matching grant will enable Breaking Ground and the community of Baleveng to build an electric pump and water reservoir that will impact 3,500 people in the community. Breaking Ground will also work with the Research Institute for Development and local health centers to organize an educational program, this program will teach basic hygiene as well as water treatment techniques to comprehensively maximize the impact of the project.

**The matching grant is for a total of $16,767; 40% ($6,706.80) of that total will be raised through this campaign, the remaining 60% will come from ODW's Water Fund.

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Anonymous $20.00 Thank you, John Hoy! 12.21.2012
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Lindsay Clarke $25.00 Thank you, ODW, for your support of this project! We're almost there! 12.12.2012
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Lori Dean $100.00 11.30.2012
Jeffrey Lindsey $40.00 11.25.2012
Elizabeth Stiles $100.00 Love supporting Breaking Ground! Totally believe in what they are doing, and I hope others will be inspired to support them too! 11.24.2012
Kate Thaw $100.00 10.30.2012
Rosemary Moore $150.00 10.21.2012
Anonymous $10.00 10.11.2012
Anonymous $25.00 I wish I could donate more, but I a really grateful that ya'll are providing this opportunity for people to help those in need, and I pray you reach your goal and help these people get water. 09.24.2012
Jen Dao $100.00 09.23.2012
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