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ODW is proud to come alongside Building Tomorrow as they seek to empower young people to invest their time, talents, and resources in providing access to education for their peers in sub-Saharan Africa. ODW is providing its largest matching grant, ever. We invite supporters of Building Tomorrow and One Day's Wages to make a difference in Uganda by helping raise $30,000 for BT to receive the matching $30,000 grant from ODW. These funds will go towards the construction of a primary-level academy for 325 children in rural Uganda. 100% of your gifts will go directly towards the construction of the academy.

What Is The Project.

The $60,000 matching grant with BT will go towards the total construction of a primary school in Uganda. Each BT Academy provides learning space for 325 children with seven classrooms, an office, a library, toilets and a playing field. BT Academies are often the first permanently built place of learning many students attend. When BT performs their initial assessments they focus on the number of students within a 2km radius unable to attend a formal school, the availability of local building resources, and overall accessibility among other variables. (Click here to learn more about BT's model.)

Why Education + Schools?

More than 38 million children in sub-Saharan Africa wake up each morning without a school to attend. Countries such as Uganda have initiated Universal Primary Education programs, guaranteeing a free education to every child; yet lack the financial means to construct enough schools to meet the demand. In many cases, this results in students walking miles to get to a school in a neighboring community, scribbling their lessons in the dirt for lack of proper learning materials, gathering under a tree to learn or not going to school at all.

How You Can Help:

While we encourage people to donate a day's wage, you might also consider donating the cost of a day's education. The average day of primary education in the US costs $52. That $52 can provide access to education for a child in Uganda for one year. Also consider what these giving levels will mean towards the goal:

  • $10 buys 100 bricks
  • $25 buys 1 bag of cement
  • $60 buys a desk for three students
  • $125 buys a chalkboard

Other ways that you can join the movement:

  • Start a birthday campaign and raise funds directly for this project!
  • Become a Partnering Group (Business, Nonprofit, School, etc.) or share other ideas with us.
  • Help spread the word. Email, share on Facebook and Twitter, etc.

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Building Tomorrow, Inc. $12,437.00 - 08.03.2012
Anonymous $100.00 07.22.2012
Frank Bridges $77.77 GOD Bless The Children Of AFRICA !!! 07.07.2012
Amy Wiser $50.00 06.21.2012
John Redfield $13.21 05.23.2012
Bluum Holdings, LLC $0.00 - 05.09.2012
Patricia Goedde $287.00 05.05.2012
Siow Cheng Toh $100.00 04.17.2012
Melissa Petersen $100.00 04.06.2012
Blackrock (Corporate Match) $1,000.00 - 03.19.2012
Anonymous $155.00 03.03.2012
Anonymous $34.00 02.01.2012
Melissa Petersen $100.00 01.14.2012
Christina McKee $5.00 01.06.2012
Kayla J. $500.00 - 12.29.2011
Anonymous $50.00 12.15.2011
Kelly Freeman $10.00 12.10.2011
Anonymous $1,000.00 - 12.06.2011
Anonymous $30.00 10.24.2011
Anonymous $30.00 10.24.2011
Melissa Petersen $100.00 10.04.2011
Emma Heinlen $10.00 08.25.2011
Anonymous $15.00 08.13.2011
Anonymous $60.00 08.13.2011
Anonymous $10.00 Build on the rock! 08.05.2011
Zachary Sanford $80.00 07.31.2011
Rachel Taylor $100.00 07.29.2011
Matthew McDonald $175.00 Great work team! This donation is comprised of monies I've collected from friends and family in addition to my own! Cheers! 07.25.2011
nathan Hubbard $100.00 Great work George and team! Tell the SIC hello for me 07.23.2011
David Shanklin $52.00 Hi George, Congrats on the matching grant! Hope all else is well. I'll definitely let you know the next time I'm in Indy. 07.22.2011
Anonymous $100.00 You guys do amazing work, keep it up :) 07.18.2011
Anonymous $52.00 07.17.2011
Anonymous $20.00 Payment of 20.00 USD submitted through PayPal. 07.14.2011
Anonymous $50.00 GOD BLESS THE CHILDERN OF UGANDA 07.14.2011
Trang Ho $200.00 Payment of 200.00 USD submitted through PayPal. 07.13.2011
Charles Liu $500.00 07.11.2011
Liz Braden $100.00 Build build build! 07.11.2011