Darin's Ironman For A Cause

About Darin

I'm a teacher, husband and father of three children. I am inspired by Eugene and Minhee, the founders of ODW; their sacrifice and faith is encouraging. They have shown my wife and I one way that we can live "connected" to the real world. While living in small town America (Walla Walla) it is all too easy to become complacent in my faith. I want to use my time and talents intentionally and not passively. I've chosen to be an educator for such a reason.

I've also taken up endurance sports, to show myself, children and students that we can do amazing things when we set our minds to those goals/dreams.  My training is in full swing. One way for me to not get sucked into the self-centeredness of triathlon is to have intentional focus on family. This time I'm eager to train with the added inspiration of helping the widows, fatherless, and impoverished in the world.

Why I'm Doing A Triathalon

I'm planning/training to complete my first Ironman triathlon June 24, 2012. I'd like to use this event and personal goals to help others see the dire need of so many millions of people in the world. Although a considerable amount of time goes into my training, I'm determined not to let it interfere with my family, so I often train before or after they sleep.

I'm hoping to make my life goal of completing an Ironman even bigger by inspiring others to be "others focused." Maybe the craziness of my 140.6 mile event can cause others to give a crazy amount to others. My hope it that 100 people will give $140.60 (or any other amount) towards my race to help fund ODW's partner project with Building Tomorrow to build a school in Uganda.

Darin's Ironman For A Cause Progress

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Donations to this Fund

Name Amount Comment Date
Earl & Carol Plagmann $146.00 - 07.27.2012
Ted Knauft $10.00 - 07.13.2012
Nathan Ziegler $20.00 Way to go Darin. It was great to follow you during the race. Nice job at finishing! -Nathan & Tennille 07.05.2012
Andrew Goin $25.00 07.02.2012
Sarah Johnson $140.60 Fantastic job Darin! What a super accomplishment. Congrats! 06.26.2012
Steve Isvik $140.60 06.25.2012
Anonymous $5.00 Payment of 5.00 USD submitted through PayPal. 06.24.2012
Giddy Up and Go Espresso $140.60 06.24.2012
Jody Posey $140.60 I hope you are resting today! You are so inspiring, way to go Darin! 06.24.2012
Wayne Dickson $40.00 Great job Darin 06.23.2012
Richard Greene $140.60 Go Darin Go! Run all the way to Eugene. 06.23.2012
Michelle Wilwand $140.60 Good luck Darin! You have been a great educator to two of my boys in the classroom and I also cherish the friendship our little guys have! 06.22.2012
David Nelson $140.60 Go Darin! Godspeed this weekend good friend. We send our love and best wishes to you and Becky and your whole family! Dave & Carla, Lauren, Noelle & Luke 06.21.2012
Marilyn Durand $140.60 "Go, Darin, go!!" Much Love & Blessings, Mom & Dad 06.18.2012
Audrey Moore $75.00 Good luck, Darin. You are amazing! We wish you luck and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers! 06.17.2012
Heather Miller $140.60 The Millers are so proud of you, what an inspiration....GO DARIN! 06.11.2012
Marissa Waddell $25.00 Go Darin!!! 06.07.2012
Bluum Holdings, LLC $72.00 - 06.04.2012
Mark & Marsha Fortune $45.00 - 06.04.2012
Robert Young $140.60 05.27.2012
Ted Stanke $140.60 Go Darin. Love Ted and Jeannine 05.19.2012
Norman Meyer $140.60 05.19.2012
Marc Bruce $1,000.00 Go Darin! We are blessed to call you (and Becky!) friends and are thankful for the example you are for so many. We are excited to partner with you in this great endeavor! Sincerely, Marc and Karri 05.16.2012
Mary Burt $20.00 Go Darin!!! 05.16.2012
Mark Bauman $200.00 Payment of 200.00 USD submitted through PayPal. 05.15.2012
Mary E Weller $70.00 You make an old teacher proud, Darin. Happy triathlon---for a great cause! 'Madame' Weller 05.14.2012
Bluum Holdings, LLC $350.00 - 05.09.2012
Rhonda Urbanczyk $140.60 05.09.2012
Laura Lynch $140.60 05.08.2012
Gina Butz $140.60 05.06.2012
Tim Sneath $140.60 I would love to have done the Ironman with you, but I'm having my nails manicured on that day. So I'm making a donation instead - hope that's OK... :) 05.04.2012
GEORGE SONG $140.60 Way to go Darin! Praying the Lord's favor on you and your family, bro... 05.03.2012
Marianne Clarke $140.60 I was hoping to be your first donor, Darin. Good luck and let me know how I can help out. I look forward to seeing you this summer. I plan to come to you. Love, Marianne 05.03.2012
Annette Mendez $140.60 Darin, wish we could be there to cheer you on!!! You're an inspiration as you lead by example of being such a giving person. You rock! We love you! -Annette, Gil & Dylan :) 05.02.2012
Micah Gordon $20.00 GO Mr. Durant! 04.25.2012
Kim Samitore $20.00 GO Darin! :) 03.02.2012
Darin Durand $140.60 Starting the first steps of this fundraising goal with my own donation. I know that I'll draw strength from focusing on others during my grueling day in June. Join me in helping to build this school in Uganda - to educate the next generation. 03.02.2012