Haiti Relief & Rebuild Fund

UPDATE: We're renewing our commitment to Haiti and seeking to raise an additional $50,000 for the Haiti Relief & Rebuild Fund. During the first year, we raised and distributed $100,000 to our initial partners, World Concern and Partners in Health, to provide immediate disaster relief.

There has been much progress but there's much more work to be done. [Read more]

Renewing our Commitment: Rebuild & Development

As we enter into this next phase, funds will be invested with Rebuilding and Development as our goals. The first $50,000 will support our ongoing partnership with World Concern and their partnership proposal of Cholera Education and Treatment, Rebuilding Homes, and Grant Distributions to Small Businesses. With the additional funds, we'll continue to vet for smaller NGOs and CBOs doing work in Haiti that align with our vision of moving from Relief to Rebuilding/Development.

How you can help?

Haiti Relief Fund - Phase 1 | ODW was proud to partner with World Concern and Partners in Health, organizations doing relief and rebuilding work in Haiti. World Concern maintains an excellent reputation for their humanitarian work, but also have a strong history and presence in Haiti. They have worked in Haiti since 1978 and serve roughly 125,000 Haitians annually. Their office in Port Au Prince is still standing and they are engaged in emergency relief work right now

Partners in Health has been working on the ground in Haiti for over 20 years. Their mission is to bring modern medical care to poor communities in nine countries around the world, including Haiti. You can find more information on their current Haiti relief efforts via their blog.

ODW raised and distributed $100,000 funds to our partners as they engaged the critical work of disaster relief.

As always, we'll report back to our community how the funds are being used on the ground and upon availability, provide stories, photos, and videos.

Haiti Relief & Rebuild Fund Progress

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Justin Simpson $20.00 God be with you and with the people of Haiti! Keep up the phenomenal work! 01.17.2011
Josh & April Miles $800.00 - 01.17.2011
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Sophia Agtarap $50.00 Thank you for continuing to work on other's behalf. 01.12.2011
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Anonymous $200.00 Eugene and Minhee, how wonderful to see the fruits of your labor, the product of your dream with this organization. We believe in what you are doing. You are an example for us all to follow. 12.03.2010
Timothy Coyle $20.00 11.29.2010
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andrew kramer $20.00 Keep your heads up! 11.03.2010
Anonymous $100.00 I read the NYT article on the pending cholera epidemic today, I have kids too. How could we not help such a cause. 10.25.2010
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