Horn of Africa Relief Fund

In response to a severe crisis and drought in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia) that is impacting over 11 million 12 million 13 million people, One Day's Wages has launched this Horn of Africa Relief Fund to join others to provide immediate humanitarian response. Our board has released $10,000 (USD) and we are now asking our supporters, friends, partners, network, and newcomers to join us to take action.

Due to the region's worst drought in 60 years, a severe crisis has developed. On Wednesday, July 20, 2011, the United Nations officially declared a famine in two regions of Somalia. The UN does not use the word “famine” lightly, their use of word is meant to communicate the true severity of the crisis.

What Is Happening in The Horn of Africa?

The crisis in the Horn of Africa is the result of the worst drought in 60 years, coupled with:

  • An insecure region due to political, economic and social conflicts.
  • Soaring food prices that have made basic food unaffordable for nearly a third of the population. 

This has placed over 13 million people in need of emergency assistance and forced nearly 600,000 Somalis from their home and into overcrowded refugee camps in serch of help. [Learn More]

How Is ODW Responding?

In order to meet the immediate needs of basic water, food, and sanitation, ODW will be working with partners on the ground including World Concern, Adeso, and Concern Worldwide. World Concern is an organization that has worked in both Somalia and Kenya for over 30 years. Adeso is an NGO located in Somalia committed to community led and sustainable development. Concern Worldwide has also been working in the region for over 25 years. [Learn more about our partners].

While immediate relief is the most pressing issue to save lives, our partners are also working to promote long-term sustainability, especially in terms of access to clean water. This includes expanding existing wells, building new water sources like rainwater catchment systems and building better irrigation systems to help save crops from future droughts; protecting livestock, seed distribution, providing vaccinations, providing stabilizing centers for severely acute malnourished children, etc.

ODW has personally committed $10,000 to start this fund, in hopes and belief that through our movement and network, we can reach and surpass the initial goal of $50,000 updated goal of $200,000. As always, 100% of your donations (minus credit card fees) will go directly to the relief efforts.

ODW is also very committed to an ongoing partner project with Eden Reforestation Projects as we seek to raise $20,000 to plant 200,000 trees in Ethiopia. Even $10 plants 100 trees. 

How You Can Help

  • Donate your day's wage or any other amount you feel comfortable with below. ODW has committed $10,000. Feel free to give $10, $100, or any amount.
  • Start a birthday campaign and raise funds directly for the Horn of Africa Relief Fund or to the campaign to plant 200,000 trees in Ethiopia.
  • Become a Partnering Group (Business, Nonprofit, School, Church, etc.) or share other ideas with us.
  • Help spread the word: Email, Tweet, Share on FB, Like, etc.

Horn of Africa Relief Fund Progress

  • $210,000.00

    Campaign Goal

  • $182,869.33

    Raised So Far

  • Percent Raised

Campaign totals reflect all donations minus credit card fees.

Donations to this Fund

Name Amount Comment Date
Eun Joo Chung $50.00 12.30.2014
Anonymous $200.00 12.30.2014
Anonymous $200.00 12.30.2014
Adrienne Vacanti $100.00 12.15.2014
Laura Poyneer $15.00 12.03.2014
Hansol Choi $60.00 07.16.2014
Anonymous $463.00 02.27.2014
Anonymous $463.00 02.18.2014
Anonymous $120.00 02.07.2014
Kevin Lin $80.00 01.13.2014
Anonymous $50.00 01.07.2014
Karen and Rob Sanford $110.00 12.31.2013
Katarina Nakata $25.00 12.23.2013
Paula Burke $50.00 12.04.2013
Jason Rust $10.00 - 11.21.2013
Mark Oyos $318.00 11.01.2013
Elizabeth Judkins $100.00 10.27.2013
Anonymous $73.33 06.22.2013
Aloysius Lim $100.00 06.04.2013
Elizabeth Judkins $100.00 05.25.2013
Adam Skinner $350.00 04.11.2013
Anonymous $40.00 God Bless 04.06.2013
Anonymous $40.86 God bless you!! 03.19.2013
Anonymous $50.00 For the glory of God 02.27.2013
Anonymous $50.00 God bless you! 02.26.2013
Lara Holmes $150.00 02.14.2013
Anonymous $40.25 God bless, He loves you! 01.25.2013
Stephanie St. Cyr $50.00 01.13.2013
Anonymous $27.00 God loves you!! 01.10.2013
Anonymous $45.00 For the glory of God, in alliance with the will of God, who is to be praised forever and ever amen. 01.02.2013
Joel Mark $100.00 12.31.2012
Bryce Schober $250.00 12.31.2012
Anonymous $50.00 12.30.2012
Anonymous $20.00 12.23.2012
Emanuel Martinez $5.00 12.17.2012
Anonymous $500.00 12.08.2012
Anonymous $10.00 Love you guys! Inspired by Jubilee Project's "12 Days of Kindness" Project to donate one day's meal $ to people in need. 12.05.2012
Anonymous $20.00 Wish all the people no longer suffer from bad conditions and live happily 11.13.2012
Anonymous $50.00 10.16.2012
Gerson May $77.77 God Bless Africa!!! 10.07.2012
Anonymous $26.51 God Bless! 09.29.2012
Anonymous $160.00 08.30.2012
Lynsie Gridley $244.13 08.28.2012
Nadia Eran $200.00 08.28.2012
Anonymous $20.00 Please make use of this for the poor 08.23.2012
Anonymous $500.00 08.15.2012
Anonymous $10.00 Payment of 15.00 USD submitted through PayPal. 08.15.2012
Anonymous $10.00 08.15.2012
Jill French $50.00 08.10.2012
Anonymous $5.00 08.09.2012