Marvista Haiti Relief Fund

Marvista Elementary School is a part of a community that seeks to outreach to our community. Our students, staff and parents have all expressed their concerns and grief over the tragedy in Haiti. In an effort to raise funds to give aid to Haiti, we are excited about partnering with One Days Wages to bring relief to the Haitians struggling at this time.

One Day's Wages' total goal is to raise a minimum of $100,000 towards the relief and rebuilding efforts in Haiti and we're proud to welcome the students, parents, and administration of Marvista to the movement. Consider donating a day's wages or any amount to the fund. 100% of donations (minus c.c. transaction costs) will go directly to the emergency relief and rebuilding efforts in Haiti and to support families and communities affected by the earthquake.

ODW is proud to partner with World Concern and Partners in Health, organizations doing relief and rebuilding work in Haiti. World Concern maintains an excellent reputation for their humanitarian work, but also have a strong history and presence in Haiti. They have worked in Haiti since 1978 and serve roughly 125,000 Haitians annually. Their office in Port Au Prince is still standing and they are engaged in emergency relief work right now

Partners in Health has been working on the ground in Haiti for over 20 years. Their mission is to bring modern medical care to poor communities in nine countries around the world, including Haiti. You can find more information on their current Haiti relief efforts via their blog.

ODW will distribute funds to our partners as they come in. Donations over 100K may be distributed to these partners or to others engaged in Haiti. As always, we'll report back to our community how the funds are being used on the ground and upon availability, provide stories, photos, and videos.

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Marvista Haiti Relief Fund Progress

  • $5,000.00

    Campaign Goal

  • $2,268.32

    Raised So Far

  • Percent Raised

Campaign totals reflect all donations minus credit card fees.

Donations to this Fund

Name Amount Comment Date
Anonymous $36.27 Marvista Students and Friends 03.09.2010
Anonymous $36.00 Marvista Students and Friends 02.23.2010
Anonymous $45.02 Marvista Students and Friends 02.18.2010
Anonymous $52.92 Marvista Students, Staff and Families 02.03.2010
Anonymous $200.00 Marvista Family 02.03.2010
Anonymous $25.00 Marvista Students and Families 01.31.2010
Anonymous $50.00 01.29.2010
Anonymous $122.28 From Marvista Students 01.29.2010
Avery Gardner $50.00 We are with you. You are NOT alone! 01.26.2010
Jenifer Thornton $120.83 01.25.2010
Carol Mitchell $100.00 01.25.2010
Laura Bohn $100.00 01.25.2010
Anonymous $500.00 Donated by Marvista Students and Families 01.24.2010
Anonymous $10.00 01.20.2010
Derek Hudson $100.00 Thanks for being there 01.19.2010
Anonymous $20.00 01.19.2010
April Kerr $100.00 Toughts and prayers go out to all. 01.19.2010
Todd Shirley $300.00 01.18.2010
Debra Carnes May $100.00 01.18.2010
Rebekah Kim $100.00 We hope our community can help to bring aid to this unbelievable tragedy. Our hearts are with Haiti and we hope to help reach out to the thousands of lives that have been impacted. 01.15.2010
Anonymous $100.00 01.15.2010