MiiR has served as a main company partner to One Day’s Wages since 2011, directing its donations from hydration sales to clean water projects and their accompanying sanitation and hygiene education programs.

Who is MiiR?

Founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Bryan Papé, MiiR offers products with an intuitively functional and sleek design including bottles, bicycles and bags. Regardless of its profitability as a company, MiiR gives 5% of top line revenue (that’s 5% of total sales) annually to different philanthropy projects around the world focusing on helping people live better lives because of clean water, bicycle transportation and education. Each product sold comes with a Give Code™ that the customer may register to connect with the project and community ultimately empowered by the purchase. As of the summer of 2016, since inception MiiR has distributed over $375,000 to its giving partners and funded more than 45 water projects with One Day’s Wages.

The ODW + MiiR Partnership:

One Day’s Wages and MiiR first partnered in 2011 for clean water projects. Since then, MiiR has helped fund over 45 water projects, donating over $200,000 to One Day’s Wages’ water fund.

4 ways to Support this Partnership:

  1. Visit miir.com. Every hydration product sold funds a trackable water project with One Day’s Wages.

  2. Enjoy a coffee or beer at MiiR’s Flagship store in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle. Every beverage sold funds a trackable water project with One Day’s Wages.

  3. Follow MiiR on Instagram and Facebook. Receive the latest news by joining their online community.

  4. Buy a co-branded MiiR/One Day’s Wages water bottle.


MiiR Progress

  • $100,000.00

    Campaign Goal

  • $211,576.36

    Raised So Far

  • Percent Raised

Campaign totals reflect all donations minus credit card fees.

Donations to this Fund

Name Amount Comment Date
MiiR $40,190.50 05.03.2016
MiiR $50,790.00 12.07.2015
MiiR $35,457.00 07.27.2015
MiiR $961.00 07.17.2015
MiiR Inc. $37,535.00 01.14.2015
MiiR Inc $19,980.00 01.07.2014
Anonymous $5.00 06.01.2013
Glassybaby, LLC $39.60 - 02.27.2013
Glassybaby, LLC $254.98 - 02.04.2013
Glassybaby, LLC $92.40 - 12.04.2012
Glassybaby, LLC $143.20 - 12.04.2012
Microsoft Gift Matching $600.00 - 08.17.2012
Glassybaby, LLC $66.00 - 08.17.2012
Microsoft Gift Matching $1,000.00 - 06.29.2012
Glassybaby, LLC $39.60 - 06.29.2012
Glassybaby, LLC $91.74 - 06.04.2012
Nancy Pape $200.00 05.10.2012
Glassybaby LLC $78.54 - 05.09.2012
MiiR Inc $12,317.00 - 05.09.2012
MiiR (3/21/2012) $2,703.00 - 04.24.2012
MiiR (1/13/12) $1,462.00 - 03.19.2012
GlassyBaby $274.80 - 02.28.2012
Dawn Cort $154.00 Dear Travis- I went to a conference in Yakima the beginning of November through my church and someone from Miir spoke and I was in love with the idea from the beginning. I purchased four bottles for my family and shared Miir's story on facebook to get others to purchase and support Miir. Then later that month we had a lady from Imagine Children's Museum to share with us The Great Money Challenge III. She discussed with our students' the word "Philanthropy". After reading a story and sharing the challenge with us, our classes decided we wanted to do something big for our $10.00. Then we discussed with the students "What should we do?" It was close to Christmas and everyone decided we should make ornaments for Christmas trees. Ms. Lee and I had scrap book paper already in our classrooms from previous art projects so then we decided to make 4 point origami stars and sell them for $2.00 to make our money grow. When this opportunity at school presented itself, I knew right away, what we should raise money for. I shared the video link with parents as well so they could see what Miir is doing for villages with no water. The kids were gung-ho very excited to support such a great cause. Our two classes raised $154.00 towards the cost of a well. I just want to thank you for what you are doing for others around the world. Please except our donation towards making other lives better. Blessings- Dawn Cort and Heather Lee 8231 131st Ave SE Snohomish, Wa. 98290 360.563.4480 dawn.cort@sno.wednet.edu 01.26.2012
Peter & Mary Ellen Stewart $200.00 - 12.28.2011
Peter & Mary Ellen Stewart $500.00 - 12.28.2011
Ashlee Rohnert $100.00 - 12.28.2011
MiiR Partnership $3,228.00 - 09.19.2011
Adrian Ledezma $5.00 09.04.2011
Anonymous $1,000.00 good job. please inform Bryan Pape' of this donation. 08.28.2011
Brittany Armington $25.00 In honor of my grandmother Peggy who graciously handed me this money for this soul purpose. 08.23.2011
Anonymous $22.00 Donation in honor of Molly M 07.24.2011
for promotion w/ Huckberry $140.00 - 07.11.2011
Huckberry $700.00 - 07.10.2011
Fremont Fair $41.00 - 06.27.2011
Abigail Pape $50.00 Happy belated birthday Dad and happy father's day! 06.17.2011
MiiR & Clymb $1,090.00 - 05.27.2011
Anonymous $20.00 Happy birthday Travis! 04.03.2011
Eva Sullivan-Knoff $20.00 02.10.2011