Nepal Relief Fund

We are standing with the people of Nepal to provide emergency aid and relief in the aftermath of the most powerful earthquake to hit Nepal in 80 years. As the death toll continues to rise over 8,000 there is an urgent need to respond quickly as hospitals and rescue personnel are completely overwhelmed. At least 940,000 children in areas affected by the earthquake are in "urgent need" of humanitarian assistance.

As always, our commitment is that 100% of your donation (after credit card fees) will go towards the work on the ground in Nepal. Join us today.

The Situation in Nepal

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake was the worst earthquake to hit Nepal in 80 years, and has devastated central Nepal near Kathmandu. Over 8,000 people have died and thousands are in need of emergency medical care. There are fears that the death toll will continue to rise as search and rescue teams are able to access communities closer to the epicenter.

An earthquake of this size would be disastrous regardless of where it hit. However, in a country like Nepal, where extreme poverty hampers their infrastructure, the impact is far worse, both in the tragic loss of life and in their ability to bounce back and rebuild in the years to come. 

One Day's Wages' Response

In the wake of such a massive earthquake, there is an urgent need to respond quickly to keep the death toll from rising further as hospitals are overwhelmed. This is why we will be working with our partners to provide lifesaving medical care. In addition to medical care, we will be coming alongside Nepalese families to ensure they have access to the basics like: food, water, and shelter. Our partners on the ground to meet the immediate needs are World Vision and Medical Teams International, both are organizations that we've partnered with in the past and have a great deal of expertise in these type of disasters. 

Our commitment is that long after the news crews have left Nepal, we will still be working with our partners and the local communities to invest in the rebuilding and long-term development of the region. For this relief effort, our board is allocating $5,000 from our 'General Fund' and we invite you to join us as we stand with the people of Nepal during this traumatic time.

Join Us

We know that together we can make an impact and help relieve the suffering in Nepal. The easiest way to help is to simply give below. Here are two other ways you can help:

  • Pledge your birthday for Nepal, or start a crowdfunding page
  • Partner with us through your business, school, or place of worship. Start a group campaign

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