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We're partnering with Primeros Pasos to address malnutrition in rural Guatemala where access to quality health care is limited and malnutrition is most severe due to higher levels of poverty. 

Through this 80/20* matching grant for a total of $9,860, Primeros Pasos will be able to provide treatment, nutritional support and education for 30 chronically malnourished children under 2 years old, as well as 20 pregnant women.

Why Guatemala?

Just over 50% of Guatemala’s population is currently malnourished, the highest rate in the Western hemisphere and third highest in the world. Poverty plays a large part in this widespread problem, as over half of Guatemala’s population lives below the poverty line. The majority of the extremely poor are indigenous people of Mayan descent living in remote and underdeveloped areas without access to healthcare, education, fresh foods or safe water.

ODW + Primeros Pasos

We're coming alongside Primeros Pasos' Nutritional Recuperation Program to support 30 children under 2 years old identified as malnourished, as well as 20 pregnant women by providing tailored medical and nutritional treatment along with practical nutrition and health classes to empower mothers with knowledge and tools needed to maintain healthy diets for themselves and their families.

The project will also include home needs assessments to evaluate the community's living conditions. Through a partnership between Primeros Pasos and Habitat for Humanity Guatemala (HFHG), this project will provide families with "Healthy Home Kits" which provide water filters, clean latrines, and smokeless stoves, as needed.

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* An 80/20 matching grant means that ODW will provide 80% of the funds for this project when the other 20% is raised through this campaign.

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