Sculpting Snow for a Life-Saving Cause


Five Years Running

For five years, we have built an annual snow sculpture as a way to get outside, hang out together, and bring a little cheer to our community—and, as news spread, to the world. Based on frequent feedback we received, passersby and visitors to our Facebook page were amazed by the expression of creativity, by the intricacy of the sculptures themselves, and—perhaps most astounding—by the fact that three brother would voluntarily log so many hours together. (Last year’s endeavor took us three hundred hours to complete, and this year’s promises to be just as awesomely laborious.)

But to us, the only real amazement about the experience is that we have the freedom, the resources, and the energy to complete such a task.We have the protection of a safe neighborhood; adequate clothing to keep us warm when temps dip well below freezing while we work; and as many breaks as we want to take, in order to refuel with snacks and water. For several years, community supporters who were moved by our work told us we should erect some sort of donation box where they could toss in a few bucks in exchange for the joy they felt as they drove by, and this year, we finally took their advice. Given the sole raw asset of our work—snow—we thought it made sense to have collected monies go toward providing clean drinking water for people in need. This time, whenever we take a water break, we can think about the men, women, and kids in Haiti—the recipient country we’ve chosen—who will be able to drink clean water too, as a result of our efforts. If that doesn’t motivate us to keep our breaks short and our hands busy shaping snow, nothing will.

Why Water Matters

According to the World Health Organization, nearly one million people die each year due to lack of clean drinking water, a situation residents of Haiti, the poorest country in the West, know all too well. More than 40 percent of Haitians have no improved water source, which means they’re relegated to drinking contaminated water and thus contracting totally avoidable diseases. Our partnership organization, One Day’s Wages, works with International Action to solve this problem by installing community-operated clean-water chlorinators into three areas in Haiti that need the assistance most. It’s an easy fix; all it takes is a little elbow grease, some straightforward training, and cash.

Now, Here's Where You Come In

If you would like to join us in providing safe, clean water for Haiti, please contribute at the donation box or online between the dates of January 5 and March 5, 2016 below. Our goal is to raise $10,000 during this two-month period, a goal that based on the number of visitors we received last year is easily attainable even if everyone gives only the change that happens to be in their pocket. To that end, if you can give a dollar, please give a dollar. If you can give a hundred, that would be great too. Let’s all do what we’re able to do so that what started as an entertaining way to spend winter break will finish as a life-changing investment for people in need.

For more information on One Day’s Wages clean-water initiative in Haiti, please visit 100% of donations go straight to this cause.

And to check out our previous sculptures and keep tabs on our current adventures, follow “Bartz Snow Sculptures” on Facebook and Instagram. 

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***UPDATE*** One Day's Wages' partnership with International Action providing clean water in Haiti has been funded! Donations to the Bartz Brothers "Sculpting Snow for a Life-Saving Cause" on this page will now go to clean water projects in other parts of the world experiencing extreme poverty. 100% of donations go straight to the work on the ground! Thank you for joining us in providing clean water by donating below!


Sculpting Snow for a Life-Saving Cause Progress

  • $10,000.00

    Campaign Goal

  • $17,262.00

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Donations to this Fund

Name Amount Comment Date
Bartz Family $1,000.00 03.16.2016
Anonymous $30.00 03.05.2016
Anonymous $500.00 03.05.2016
Sheila Wright $15.00 03.05.2016
Torrie Bentley $100.00 Great sculpture and what a neat way to raise money for a great cause. 03.05.2016
Anonymous $50.00 03.05.2016
LUANNE CLERCX $10.00 03.05.2016
Victoria Bartz $30.00 What a great cause, proud of you boys! :) 03.04.2016
Austin Bartz $1,409.00 Donation Box: 2/13-3/4 03.04.2016
Helen Wiersma $50.00 03.04.2016
Mark & Judy Cox $75.00 03.04.2016
Thomas & Diane Hinds $25.00 03.04.2016
Anonymous $5.00 Tremendous! 02.19.2016
doug patten $50.00 love that this creative expression will bring joy to so many who see it, and clean water to many who never will. 02.19.2016
Marty Bevilacqua $100.00 Cheers to you three snow sculptors! I do what you do in Rockville Centre, New York (on Long Island) but on a much smaller scale. I know your sense of accomplishment, te feelings of satisfaction and pride when you stand across the street marveling at these incredible works of art that is appreciated at all who pass and those that find you on the Internet. The extra step of raising funds for water shows your capacity of love for humankind, regardless of where in the world they are (Haiti was a great choice). It shows a sense of divine spirituality that most people in our technological rat race society are lacking. So I offer praise to your parents whom I'm sure contributed that attribute to you somewhere along the way. My friends having been posting your sculptures to my page challenging me to do something on your scale. Tempting that it is, I will yield. You guys have made a niche for yourselves and deserve to enjoy the fruit of your hard labor. Best wishes! Marty Bevilacqua 02.18.2016
Austin Bartz $4,131.00 Donation Box: 1/18-2/12 02.17.2016
Chris Berry $25.00 02.17.2016
Amy Sutton $25.00 Nice work you guys. We love this! You are and inspriration. The Sutton Family 02.17.2016
Ann T Marsden $20.00 Great work, Bartz boys! 02.17.2016
Kathi Bender $25.00 Love, love, love this project. I can't wait to see their work in future years. 02.17.2016
Nancy Dickenson $50.00 02.16.2016
Beverly Reed $10.00 Great talent used for a great cause! 02.16.2016
Joyce Mulherin-Cycz $10.00 It's nice to see young men making a difference for others. Keep up the great work, I look forward to next years sculpture. 02.16.2016
Elizabeth Johnson $15.00 Great to see the brothers making a difference instead of playing video games! 02.15.2016
Virginia Anziani $15.00 Saw you on NBC News. I predict great things in your futures! I thoroughly enjoyed your sculptures/art and am pleased that you are reaching out to help others. Glad you extended it to those outside the neighborhood for contributions, as well. Keep up the great work. Look forward to next year's! 02.15.2016
Elizabeth Ray $50.00 Very impressive endeavor. Glad to give to a worthy cause. 02.15.2016
Robert Nankin $50.00 02.15.2016
Quibulah Graham $50.00 Nice to work, brothers. 02.15.2016
Mary Jo Starmer $10.00 02.15.2016
Barbara Hasty $50.00 02.15.2016
Anonymous $50.00 02.15.2016
Elton Horst $250.00 Great story!! Great Brothers !! 02.15.2016
Mary & Peter Emanuel $50.00 You ROCK!!! Your fans from the hills of Tennessee 02.15.2016
Anonymous $20.00 Art for healing - THANK YOU for helping the people in Haiti 02.15.2016
Jeannie Wiggins $25.00 Great work! 02.15.2016
Jose Jimenez Lino & Ana Becerra Huerta $10.00 02.15.2016
Cathy Guse $50.00 02.15.2016
Robert Knarls & Bonita Girard $250.00 02.15.2016
Dawn Dyhuizen $100.00 02.15.2016
Anonymous $500.00 Checks received from donation box 02.12.2016
David Krocak $25.00 Nice work again, Gents! I saw the traffic this weekend from my parents' house across the street - still busy. Hope the weather cooperates to keep Octavius the Octopus around for a while. Quite the worthy cause! 02.02.2016
Richard Morse $10.00 Your hard work is an inspiration to everyone. Thank you. 01.30.2016
Lynn Redlinger $50.00 Great sculpture. Thanks 01.29.2016
James Westin $100.00 From a fellow ice sculptor, it's great to see you guys raising money for a great cause by doing what you love to do. Keep up the great work! Hopefully you will reach your goal! -James Westin, builder of the Edina Ice Castle 01.26.2016
Steven & Sally McHenry $15.00 01.25.2016
Richard & Nancy Roen $100.00 01.25.2016
Dean & Stacy Stambaugh $150.00 01.25.2016
Harold & Johanna Dykhuizen $100.00 01.25.2016
Andrew & Sarah Berg $10.00 01.25.2016
Annette Steiner $20.00 01.25.2016