Shave Anji's Head!

About Anji

I feel other people's pain deeply, which is both a blessing and curse. The ugly truth is that I've spent weeks purposely avoiding any media about the famine. While I knew the enormity of the brewing disaster, I managed to keep it at arm's length. There are 12 million people on the brink of starvation, 1000 refugees per day pouring into already over-crowded refugee camps, and 29,000 children dead- and I closed my eyes to it...kept my world small. 

But all that changed because of a photograph I stumbled across on the internet. Maybe you've seen it? The wide eyes of a two year old malnourished child, holding on to the edges of a wash basin, his skin literally hanging from his tiny bones. My heart went straight into my throat as it struck me; that could be my son. That is someone's son. 

Why I decided to shave my head

The next morning, as I was washing my hair, several strange thoughts came to me, in this order:

  1. I lose an unbelievable amount of hair when I wash it. Handfuls of hair every time!
  2. The weird thing is that I still have a TON of hair left. You'd never know any was missing. 
  3. Maybe generosity is like that. Maybe generosity should be measured not in terms of how much we give, but in terms of how much we keep. 
  4. I need to shave my head as a fundraiser for the famine relief efforts. 
  5. That's insane. Did I just think that?

And so, after a couple days wrestling with God, here I am with this challenge to you. In all my life, I have never given sacrificially because no matter how much I give, I still have enough. More than enough, actually. In this case though, I am going to make a sacrifice. On November 2nd, I am going to shave my head. Please help me make it count. 

After days and days of research, I decided to partner with an incredible organization, One Day's Wages. In order to meet the immediate needs of basic water, food, and sanitation, ODW is working with World Concern, Concern Worldwide, and Horn Relief to provide relief in the Horn of Africa.  While immediate relief is the most pressing issue to save lives, thse orgs are also working to promote long-term sustainability, especially in terms of access to clean water. 

If you have been blessed with enough, please give to my campaign. Please dig deep and give as much as you possibly can. And once you've done that, please share this page with anyone and everyone you know. I can't do this without you! If all my student friends gave $10, and my adult friends gave $20, we could raise over $5,000! Alternatively, if you're feeling brave, you can use ODW's wage calculator to determine what your one day's wages is, and give that. 

Thanks in advance for being so generous and supportive. It means more to me than you could know. 

Shave Anji's Head! Progress

  • $10,000.00

    Campaign Goal

  • $18,175.97

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Donations to this Fund

Name Amount Comment Date
gina streepy $90.00 Hi Mrs. Sisler! I have still been donating through Mia Sorella in Barrington and on my own. Also, I have started crocheting scarves to sell with my barrettes so I can continue to donate. Thanks again for introducing me to ODW. Jessie 03.01.2013
M. Truong $150.00 - 06.29.2012
M Nussbaum $35.00 - 03.20.2012
J & Y Wakuta $30.00 - 02.27.2012
John Pirog $100.00 Oh, why not. I know so few people who are so passionate about something. 01.12.2012
Samuel Sutanto $50.00 01.10.2012
Thomas Johanson $50.00 We are very glad to support your efforts. God's blessings, The Johansons 12.31.2011
Gloria Nussbaum $50.00 This is in honor of Debby Diemer, who asked that it be put toward your cause. Thanks for inspiring so many to care and give! 12.28.2011
Gloria Nussbaum $100.00 This donation is in honor of your mom, Lorri, as a Christmas gift which she requested be added to help your cause! Blessings to you on behalf of her!! 12.28.2011
steve sisler $5,000.00 - 12.06.2011
Carol & Robert Streepy $50.00 - 11.26.2011
Elissa Ference $20.00 - 11.26.2011
Gina Streepy $160.00 - 11.26.2011
Richard & Sharon Wager $50.00 - 11.26.2011
Sharon Scharringhausen $25.00 11.11.2011
Anonymous $20.00 Payment of 20.00 USD submitted through PayPal. 11.09.2011
Anonymous $25.00 Thank God there are people angels like you in this world! God Bless You!! 11.09.2011
Anjila Sisler $20.00 Donation from Julie H. 11.09.2011
Donna Lent $20.00 Thank you for touching so many lives with your courage. 11.05.2011
Anonymous $50.00 Payment of 50.00 USD submitted through PayPal. 11.05.2011
jill may $50.00 Alec & Derek are donating from their charity fund. 11.04.2011
Anjila Sisler $20.00 From Karin G. 11.04.2011
Anjila Sisler $10.00 Donation from Cassie R. 11.04.2011
Anonymous $100.00 11.04.2011
Allison Bobofchak $50.00 Your warm spirit and tender heart touch so many! 11.03.2011
Anonymous $20.00 11.03.2011
Janie Cross $50.00 Thank you for your gift of inspiration. 11.03.2011
G & H Nasser $25.00 - 11.03.2011
J & P Mulhern $50.00 - 11.03.2011
N & C Sisler $18.97 - 11.03.2011
Anonymous $22.00 11.02.2011
Thomas Brieske $10.00 11.02.2011
Anonymous $1,000.00 Thanks for inspiring so many of us. 11.02.2011
Deb Foster $10.00 11.02.2011
Jenny Kim $10.00 Very inspirational 11.02.2011
Anonymous $50.00 11.02.2011
Shawn Weber $100.00 I love that I know a real life hero. 11.01.2011
Polly Schill $50.00 Congratulations, Anji, for exceeding your goal! It is very exciting!! ! Next time, $20,000, right? Love, Polly 11.01.2011
Carole Nussbaum $100.00 Anji--You're letting your light shine in a very big way. And in the words of Grandma Yoder, "God bless you real good!" Love, Carole 11.01.2011
Amy Houppert $100.00 11.01.2011
Noonday Bread $90.00 The Bread Dude and his team hold you in high regard! 11.01.2011
Katherine Jarczyk $20.00 11.01.2011
Patricia Fuglestad $25.00 Thanks for raising awareness of this situation and doing something about it. I know God will bless you for all you do!!! 11.01.2011
Laura Ney $100.00 Happy to help you reach your goal as you reach out to help others! 10.31.2011
stacey hartman $55.40 WOO-HOO! :) 10.31.2011
Anonymous $200.00 10.31.2011
Douglas Picirillo $50.60 10.31.2011
Kerrie Berends $200.00 We're hoping to help push you over your goal. Your beauty will only shine greater without your hair. So proud of you! Uncle Chip, Aunt Kerrie and kids. 10.31.2011
Anonymous $100.00 10.31.2011
Karen Webster $50.00 Anji, glad I finally got to meet you while in Hilton Head, SC. I admire your drive in wanting to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Good luck with the fundraising! Karen & Mark Webster 10.31.2011