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One Day's Wages is very excited to partner with Spark Ventures to provide 350 Children in Zambia access to better education and more comprehensive health education and care.

We are releasing the first $10,000 upfront to provide uniforms, shoes and textbooks, and our hope is to match it for a total of $20,000 to cover the cost of two health clinics and HIV/AIDS education throughout the school year.

Who is Spark Ventures?

Spark Ventures is a Chicago-based nonprofit that partners with grassroots NGOs in developing countries that focus on child nutrition, education and health care. Spark strengthens and sustains these partners by providing resources and support. They are currently partnering with Hope Ministries, which operates a community school and an orphanage in Ndola, Zambia.  

Why Health Clinics and HIV/AIDS Education?

Good health is an essential condition for children to succeed academically and to prevent the spread of infections and disease. Semi-annual clinics at Hope Community School include a basic health evaluation and treatment for each child.

Early HIV/AIDS education enables Hope’s students to dispel misinformation about the virus and provide an opportunity to answer students’ questions about risks, contraction, treatment and symptoms.

The Partnership

ODW is partnering with Spark Ventures through this matching grant to fund the coming year’s semi-annual school clinics and the HIV/AIDS program for 350 children. ODW has already released $10,000 to cover the cost of uniforms, shoes and an additional 840 textbooks (140 for each of six subjects) across grades 1-7 at Hope Community School and would like to match that commitment for a total of $20,000 to ensure robust health care support for the children.

This project will include:

  • Staffing for the two 3-day clinics including local Zambian doctors and nurses stipends
  • Malaria testing kits and medications to treat infection 
  • Medications to treat stomach and skin worms (very common seasonal ailments
  • Other clinic supplies and materials
  • Year-round HIV/AIDS education programing

How You Can Help.

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Spark Ventures | Zambia Progress

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Broadway Covenant Church $240.00 - 07.13.2012
shirley liao $80.00 thank you (: 07.12.2012
cassandra oxley $50.00 Just came back from zambia...amazing people and a what a difference Spark has made in so many of their lives! 07.04.2012
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