World Water Day: United For Clean Water In Uganda

 This year we have big goals for our World Water Day campaign with our partner, The Adventure Project (TAP). Our goal is to provide 5,750 people in Uganda with access to clean water by restoring 23 wells, while also creating jobs for 46 people. Through this campaign, we will match the first $37,680 raised in order to reach TAP's goal of $75,360 to expand upon our first project with them last year. Join us and make an impact this World Water Day!

The Issue We Face:

1 out of every 3 wells are broken in Africa. That's a shocking, and honestly, discouraging stat. Imagine the joy of once having clean water in your village, but now you are trudging back to a river and stream, drinking water that will likely make you and your children sick. This is the reality for 50,000 communities in Africa. Most wells break within the first few years because there are no spare parts, tools or mechanics nearby.

Our Response:

The issues of sustainability and community empowerment hit at the core values of us and TAP. That's why the story of Diana Keesiga, a water engineer from Uganda, is so compelling to us.

When Diana was young, the well in her village broke and no one knew how to fix it; she remembers watching her father and the other men in the village scratching their heads. At that moment, Diana knew that she would dedicate her life to solving this problem for millions of people like herself. After graduating from the best university in Uganda, she began training men and women in western Uganda to restore broken well and become well mechanics. 

Last year, we came alongside TAP and Diana in one community to rebuild a well.  In honor of World Water Day, we want to come alongside them again and help impact 23 communities, helping to provide a sustainable source of clean water for 5,750 people for years to come.

How You Can Help: 

We have a pretty ambitious goal to raise $37,680 in one week. So we need everyone to help us make this possible. Join us:

Give: Any amount will help us towards our goal, here's the impact of your gift:

  • $20 helps one person gain access to clean water. 
  • $100 helps a whole family.
  • $1,500 helps an entire community-- with the match!

Help get the word out: Tell all your friends and family via Twitter, Facebook, Email and Phone about this campaign and why they should join you in giving to this for World Water Day! Remember to tag us and The Adventure Project: @onedayswages & @Ad_VenturePro

World Water Day: United For Clean Water In Uganda Progress

  • $75,360.00

    Campaign Goal

  • $50,591.10

    Raised So Far

  • Percent Raised

Campaign totals reflect all donations minus credit card fees.

Donations to this Fund

Name Amount Comment Date
William Belknap $50.00 05.07.2014
Anonymous $40.00 05.04.2014
Sedonia Yoshida $100.00 04.30.2014
Leslie Klipsch $100.00 04.30.2014
Patricia Kuest $200.00 04.30.2014
Jenna Rogers $100.00 04.30.2014
Becky Straw $100.00 Dedicating this to a certain "someone" who had a birthday today. You are loved. 04.30.2014
Erin Sullivan $100.00 Finish line in sight!! 04.30.2014
Anonymous $25.00 So close!! 04.30.2014
Maria Mulvehill $100.00 04.30.2014
chelsey goodnight $100.00 Keep up the great work and keep finding work for others! 04.30.2014
Samantha Smith $100.00 Rock on Adventure Project and Becky! You guys are doing great things! 04.30.2014
Anonymous $5.00 04.12.2014
Anonymous $20.00 04.09.2014
Andree Corbeil $20.00 04.07.2014
Nuno Gomes $175.00 Thanks ODW to support amazing projects, Uganda people we love you. 04.04.2014
Karen Coulson $50.00 04.02.2014
Lori Lynn $20.00 What better way to celebrate my birthday? 04.02.2014
Lauren Sauvé $30.00 04.02.2014
Kristina Martin $100.00 - 04.02.2014
Debra Amos $20.00 04.02.2014
Eason Jordan $20.00 04.02.2014
Maria Atkinson $20.00 Together we can end the global water crisis! Keep up the good work! 04.02.2014
Rich Hamack $20.00 - 04.02.2014
Lenore Stars $20.00 04.01.2014
Misty Siadak $50.00 I'm donating in honor of my brother in laws birthday. 03.28.2014
Susan Caughell $100.00 03.27.2014
Ashwini Obhrai $75.00 03.26.2014
Anonymous $50.00 May God be with you... 03.24.2014
Anonymous $20.00 03.23.2014
christopher Deighton $20.00 03.23.2014
Christian DE NEEF $100.00 Keep up the good work, Becky! #WorldWaterDay 03.23.2014
Da-yoon Lee $50.00 03.22.2014
Thomas Brieske $20.00 03.22.2014
Liz Chan $20.00 03.22.2014
Kristin Collins $25.00 Wish it could be more! Love The Adventure Project. 03.22.2014
Sara Franzen $100.00 03.22.2014
Jonathan Stegall $200.00 Love both of your organizations! 03.22.2014
CArl Stoker $100.00 03.22.2014
Anonymous $20.00 03.22.2014
Cynthia Sherman $50.00 Glad for the good work you are doing! 03.22.2014
Alan Stevenson $20.00 03.22.2014
Katie Dunbar $100.00 03.22.2014
Philip Keeton $100.00 So grateful for everyone involved in this! 03.22.2014
Kimberly Fernando $50.00 03.22.2014
Anonymous $100.00 03.22.2014
Sarah Gray $20.00 03.22.2014
Stephanie Williams $250.00 03.22.2014
Peggy Gower $50.00 Birthday gift for Josi 03.22.2014
Leanne Ho $20.00 03.22.2014