As of November 2020, there are over 48 million cases of COVID-19 worldwide, a number which rises daily.


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When a national or global crisis strikes, communities with high rates of poverty are particularly vulnerable due to a lack of resources and infrastructure. One Day’s Wages has created an emergency relief fund to be able to quickly and appropriately respond to crisis situations such as natural disasters, conflicts, epidemics or pandemics, food insecurity, and drought.



As of March 15, 2020, One Day’s Wages will be directing all emergency relief donations to respond to COVID-19 within some of the most vulnerable communities around the world. As of Thursday, November 5th, the virus has spread to nearly every country. There have been over 48 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and over 1.2 million deaths. While the virus was first spreading among countries that have the resources to respond quickly, the Global Health Index indicates that COVID-19 is now spreading to countries that are least prepared to respond to a global pandemic. If you’d like to track the global spread of COVID-19, we encourage you to take a look at this map, which complies data from multiple public sources.



While the strain from the pandemic is tangible for all of us, we’re coming alongside communities in vulnerable places such as refugee camps, remote villages, and densely populated urban areas where the spread of the virus could have severe impact. Lack of access to primary healthcare facilities, financial resources to cover medical expenses and transportation, and clean water for maintaining hygiene practices are just a few of the multifaceted challenges that make some communities more vulnerable to the virus. Refugee communities will be particularly vulnerable to the spread of the virus, as refugee camps are densely populated and have limited resources at hand. 2.6 million refugees currently live in refugee camps around the world, and millions more live in informal dwellings or densely populated urban areas (UNHCR).  



Part of ODW’s partnership model is to thoroughly vet partners who are already doing good work. We are currently speeding that process along so that we may release funding more quickly. We will take our lead from organizations responding on the ground, and trust they know best regarding how to meet their growing needs. We will update this page and our social media as our partner organizations are solidified. Our commitment to you is that 100% of donations made to emergency relief will go to fulfilling the needs of communities that are the most vulnerable. 



ODW is committing $100,000 towards this fund, and now we are inviting you to join us however you can. Make a donation, give your one day’s wages, or start a fundraising campaign. If you’re a company or church that wants to collaborate, contact us. Together, let’s commit to ensuring that communities have access to clean water so that they may wash their hands and maintain other hygiene practices to prevent the spread of the virus. Let’s make quality healthcare accessible and ensure hospitals are equipped. Let’s make financial resources available so that families don’t have to worry about treating their loved ones. Let’s not forget our own capacity to make change for the common good.



We choose our partners wisely. Each organization goes through a rigorous vetting process before we approve a grant.

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You can be confident in your giving. 100% of your donation (minus credit card fees) goes directly to projects in the field.


Transparency is important to us. We report back on all of our projects. See the impact you are making across the globe.


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