We are focusing on the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, and the August 2021 earthquake in Haiti.


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When a national or global crisis strikes, communities with high rates of poverty are particularly vulnerable due to a lack of resources and infrastructure. One Day’s Wages has created an emergency relief fund to be able to quickly and appropriately respond to crisis situations such as natural disasters, conflicts, epidemics or pandemics, food insecurity, and drought.



On March 15, 2020, One Day’s Wages began releasing emergency funds to support communities responding to the spread of COVID-19 through emergency food aid, income support as economies shut down, and health and hygiene resources and education. While the strain from the pandemic is tangible for all of us, we’re coming alongside communities in vulnerable places such as refugee camps, remote villages, and densely populated urban areas where the spread of the virus could have severe impact. Lack of access to primary healthcare facilities, financial resources to cover medical expenses and transportation, and clean water for maintaining hygiene practices are just a few of the multifaceted challenges that make some communities more vulnerable to the virus. The ongoing global pandemic has led to the first rise in global poverty rates in a generation as over 100 million people were pushed into extreme povertyThe impact of COVID-19 is not the same from country to country. With nearly 30% of the global population vaccinated, the distribution is uneven. As of late July 2021, African countries had been able to vaccinate only 1% of their population. For countries unable to get the vaccine, the future holds more illness, shutdowns, and economic insecurity.

In Haiti, the death toll from the August 14th earthquake that hit about 80 miles west of Port-Au-Prince has surpassed 2,200 and more than 300 people were still missing as of August 22nd. Over 12,000 people were injured, and many local hospitals were overwhelmed. The country is also in the midst of a political crisis as the president was assassinated on July 7th. “The unsolved assassination, a leadership vacuum, severe poverty and systematic gang violence in parts of Haiti have left the government dysfunctional and ill prepared for a natural calamity” (NY Times). NPR is reporting that over 100,000 homes were destroyed or severely damaged

The UNHCR, which is the UN’s refugee agency, has been tracking an ongoing humanitarian crisis brought about by violence and insecurity in Afghanistan. Forty years of conflict, along with chronic poverty, natural disasters, and food insecurity, has pushed 2.2 million Afghan refugees to neighboring Iran and Pakistan. Between January 1 and July 31, 2021, 550,000 people were newly displaced within Afghanistan (IDPs). Approximately 80% of the newly displaced persons were women and children. With the Taliban takeover in August, there was an increased rush to flee the country for those who feared for their lives. The UNHCR has launched a regional preparedness plan with neighboring countries to prepare for future large-scale movement of Afghan refugees.



We are actively vetting partnerships in response to the unfolding crises in Haiti and Afghanistan. To see our past partnerships in each country, check out our projects. Since directing Emergency Relief to COVID-19, we’ve funded 24 projects, impacting 313,276 people. Our partnership with Next Generation Nepal supported 56 families with children survivors of abuse, providing food relief packages and hygiene kits for 323 people in total. Our partnership with El Porvenir distributed 1,818 handwashing stations with soap to homes, schools, health posts, and health centers in need. Our commitment to you is that 100% of donations made to emergency relief will go to fulfilling the needs of communities that are the most vulnerable.



Make a donation, give your one day’s wages, or start a fundraising campaign. If you’re a company or church that wants to collaborate, contact us. Together, let’s make quality healthcare accessible and ensure hospitals are equipped. Let’s make financial resources available so that families don’t have to worry when they’re forced to leave their homes. Let’s not forget our own capacity to make change for the common good.



We choose our partners wisely. Each organization goes through a rigorous vetting process before we approve a grant.

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