Combating Human Trafficking through Rescue, Restoration, and Justice in India

Freedom Firm
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Help us to provide rescue, restoration and justice to victims of sex trafficking in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Why India?

There are 3 million commercial sex workers in India, of which an estimated 40% are children. These children, particularly girls, are virtually all from the poorest of social sectors in India. Their families often allow them to accept the promise of a good job in the city or to venture to metropolitan areas alone in order to make money for the family. Just as often, however, parents themselves will sell their daughters into prostitution out of financial desperation.

ODW + Freedom Firm

Our partner Freedom Firm seeks to eliminate child prostitution in India by providing rescue, restoration, and justice for victims of sex trafficking. Their goal is to operate in areas where little anti-trafficking work is being done. They focus on smaller cities with large red-light districts that lack the resources and training to counter trafficking. For our second project with Freedom Firm, we’re tackling rescue, restoration and justice operations in Uttar Pradesh.

Rescue: In the first phase of the project, undercover operatives locate minor girls in brothels and document the crime. This information is then reported to the police. The Freedom Firm team, along with the police, raid the brothels, rescue the girls, and arrest the brothel keepers and traffickers. The rescued girls are then placed in government remand homes, and the girls file criminal complaints against their oppressors.

Restoration: Next, social workers working in partnership with shelter homes across the country, provide rescued girls with counseling, therapy, job training, education and health care assistance, life skills and employment opportunities with the business Ruhamah Designs to help the girls grow in confidence and independence. Social workers frequently travel to towns and villages for follow-up visits and to do home investigations to ensure safe reintegration.

Justice: In the final phase, Freedom Firm actively pursues the conviction of those responsible for trafficking minor girls. Freedom Firm lawyers assist public prosecutors at each stage of the criminal trial. Rescued girls are empowered to testify against their abusers and help bring them to justice. Every trial and every conviction creates a deterrent and raises the cost of sex trafficking in India.

Join Us!

Join us as we partner to provide rescue, restoration and justice to victims of sex trafficking in Uttar Pradesh, India. One Day’s Wages will match your gift to this campaign up to $20,000, for a total grant of $40,000.


On 19th April, Freedom Firm investigators identified Riya a 15-16-year-old in Meerut’s red-light area. They passed information regarding her brothel location and details of her to police on Friday, 21st April. The police arranged a team of police officers in civilian clothes who accompanied our investigators into the brothel area. In a matter of minutes, Riya was identified and rescued. She was brought to safety while the police arrested the brothel keeper.

At the police station, the team learned that Riya was from a community which sends its girls into prostitution. An F.I.R was filed against the brothel keeper under sections of the ITPA (Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act) and IPC (Indian Penal Code).

Riya is presently at a shelter home in Meerut where she will begin the next steps in her restoration.

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