This Giving Tuesday

every action has an impact

This Giving Tuesday

every action has an impact

Introducing our newest area of focus:

Climate Impact

Join us in empowering those affected by climate change.



Will fall into extreme poverty due to climate change by 2030


Die each year around the world due to global warming, doubling by 2030


Will be climate refugees, displaced by climatic disasters by 2030

Give to make a difference








This year, empower the communities most impacted by global changes in climate and environment by donating on Giving Tuesday, today, December 1st. If you give $40, we’ll send you this tote.

See the difference we can make
See the difference we can make

The Impact in Senegal

In Senegal rapid climate change has contributed to prolonged droughts, deforestation, unhealthy soil, rising temperatures, and saline intrusion in national water supplies; this is inflicting difficulty on rural populations, who have since been migrating in large numbers to coastal cities. Our partner, CREATE! has been working with rural communities to bring access to clean water and start garden cooperatives with adaptive farming techniques to help families grow vegetables in their backyards to eat and sell. In the photos above, there’s a dry field shown in 2017, but after these adaptive techniques were used, there’s now a bountiful garden, shown in the picture in 2018.

This isn’t a new issue.

Senegal is only one of 22+ projects we’ve already funded that address some aspect of a changing climate. We want to do more. One Day’s Wages is working towards a more just and beautiful future, and that is impossible to achieve without addressing the impact we’ve had on this planet. Extreme drought & rainy seasons have led to food and water shortages, changing weather patterns have spread more diseases, and climatic disasters increases the number of people displaced from home. Learn more about our Climate Impact focus here.



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