Grants and Applications

Grants and Applications

While we do partner with larger and more visible non-profits occasionally, our hope is to focus our partnerships around smaller CBOs and NGOs with total operating budgets under $500,000 a year who are working in developing regions and share our mission of ending extreme global poverty [issues aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals] and share our values. Even if your organization is larger, if you share our values and goal, we invite you to submit an LOI for us to consider.

Human Rights, Compassion, Equality, Justice, Action

Basic information:

Grants are broken down into three categories (Our Board of Directors will decide which type to award):

  • Full Grant: The full project amount is awarded upon approval. This grant is typically reserved for small CBOs.
  • Matching Grant: The full project amount is awarded after a successful campaign on ODW's website to raise the other portion of ODW's match (Usually 50%). This is our most common type of grant.
  • Micro-match: ODW matches the first $2,500 raised during a weeklong campaign on our site for your project. (Micro-match LOI here)

Before applying for a grant through One Day’s Wages, please take some time to ensure that your organization & project fits our criteria to be considered for funding:

  • Grants are awarded for projects normally between $1,000-$30,000. Occasionally, our Board of Directors will fund grant proposals over $30,000. 
  • Projects must produce measurable results and have a timeline of completion no longer than 1 year post-funding.
  • Proposed project budget may not exceed 30 percent of organization's annual operating budget.
  • Organization must commit to at least 3 years of monitoring and reporting on the outcomes of the project.
  • Projects must fall under one of these categories that are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals: water & sanitation, universal primary education, child and maternal health, agriculture & economic development, human trafficking, women's empowerment, health and nutrition, orphan care, HIV/AIDS crisis. 
  • Projects must be in countries classified as "low or medium development" nations by the United Nation’s Human Development Index.

Evaluation Criteria:

Grant applications will be evaluated based on their strengths in the following key areas:

  • Relevance to the goals of One Day’s Wages
  • Quality of the project: innovation, collaboration, value to the community.
  • Potential for long-term impact (sustainability) following the completion of the funding
  • Realistic timeline
  • Clear and effective evaluation measures
  • Reasonable and justified budget
  • Community led
  • Backed by data and research

For more info see our FAQs.

Complete the online LOI at Submit Your Letter Of Inquiry. 

You can also download a copy of the Letter of Inquiry and send it to