Groups for a Cause

Create a Group for a Cause


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go fargo together.
- African Proverb

Are you working for a great business that wants to give back? Or part of a school club that is passionate about a cause and wants to do more? Maybe you belong to a faith group that feels called to serve your global community? Whatever your situation, your group could sponsor a One Day's Wages cause using our platform to make an impact, and with our 100% model you'll know exactly where every penny goes.

We honestly believe that you don't have to be a rockstar or millionaire to make an impact on the world; when we come together as individuals, schools, businesses and groups of all faiths, we CAN alleviate extreme global poverty.

Why Should Your Group Sponsor a One Day's Wages Cause?

  • You Get to Choose the Cause: pick one of our causes that speaks to you, and know that 100% of donations go straight there
  • Flexibility: choose how your group sponsors--throw an event, start a campaign, donate a portion of sales, or come up with your own idea!
  • Spread Awareness: educate your co-workers, campus or congregation about issues surrounding extreme global poverty and initiate meaningful conversation
  • Inspire Action: encourage social responsibility and cultivate simple acts of service and generosity
  • Show your Impact: receive yearly impact reports with pictures and stories of the people your group is impacting 

How Does a Sponsorship Work?

  • Choose a cause to sponsor
  • Decide on how your group will sponsor and we will help you setup your group page on our website. Check out what this school, business and faith group did!
  • Share your page with your community to raise awareness & funds for the cause you're sponsoring!

Groups who raise $1,000 or more will be featured on the cause page and blog post for the cause they sponsor once it has been funded. They'll also get cool ODW merch! For groups who plan to raise 10K or more, ask about our special cause sponsorship opportunities. 

Create your group campaign now.