Idea For a Cause

Your ideas and passion matter, so we want to collaborate with you and whatever talents, passions, and ideas you have.

Your Passion & Ideas + ODW = Impact

We invite you to join us, making a dramatic and global impact for those living in extreme global poverty. Share your idea to raise funds/awareness for ODW and our partners with us and we can help you make it a reality.

100% of donations (minus credit card fees) go directly to the project you choose.

Here's how it works:

  • Choose where to give. Choose from any of our current partners.

  • Launch: a unique web page with a donation goal for you and your community to reach.

  • Share and promote your "idea for a cause." Let your community know!

What are some ideas?

We've had people host house parties, break dancing competitions, run marathons, host fundraisers, donate their engagements/weddings, host garage sales, etc. Check out our list of campaign ideas!

Here are some great examples of past ODW campaigns: Run With It!, Baby shower, Climbing 14,411 feet, Wedding Shower, Biking, and Shaving your Head.

Some Clarification:

  •  “Idea For A Cause” is a way to personalize the way you raise support for and ODW’s cause.
  •  “Idea For A Cause” is not a space to recommend a cause for ODW to support. We support organizations that fall under the Sustainable Development Goals. If you want to recommend an organization working on one of these goals, please contact us at:

Take a few minutes to fill out this form and share your idea with us. We'll get back to you very shortly:

Tell us a little bit about yourself. (Job, school, passion, where you live, or anything else you want.)

What "idea" do you want to propose in partnership with ODW?

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