In developing countries, half of workers and their families live on less that $4 a day.




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In developing regions of the world, people lack education to work professional jobs. This often causes people to resort to physical labor or other forms of vulnerable employment, making them susceptible to falling back into extreme poverty. When people are taught skills and given education, they are able to find steady incomes. With a steady income, they are more likely to have healthier families, women are less likely to be physically abused, and gender equality in relationships increases.


Why Jobs & Skills?

According to the International Labour Organization, over 204 million people are unemployed. Of those who are employed, approximately half account for those in vulnerable employment (self-employment or work by contributing family members). 80% of the working poor live in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia. In less developed countries, half of workers and their families live on less that $4 a day and are considered to be the working middle class. Because their daily wages are still profoundly low, few are covered by government social protection systems and are still at a constant risk of falling back into extreme poverty.

Economic growth is central to economic development. When national income grows, real people benefit. Education and skills can empower the working poor and vulnerable groups, to escape the cycle of inadequate education, poor training, low productivity and poor quality jobs with low wages.


Our Impact

ODW has impacted the lives of over 35,000 people by supporting the growth of Jobs and Skills around the world. Together with our partners we have aided 21 communities in 15 countries. By partnering with organizations like Eden Reforestation Projects (ERP) we provided 13,535 days of work to single mothers in Madagascar and 2,000 days of employment to eco-workers in Ethiopia. In total ERP was able to plant over 300,000 trees to restore forests, while also providing jobs to the vulnerable in 2 different countries.

Providing sustainable jobs helps to build local economies and is vital to ending the cycle of poverty.

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