and driven to make an impact

We are captivated by the idea that

everyday people have the power to change the world

In everything we do

we embody these core values



We believe in removing barriers and elevating local leaders and communities. We want to empower people to lift themselves out of poverty. In other words, we believe good development is less of us and more of local leaders and communities.


How we tell the story matters. Elevating the core dignity of all people is based on a simple–yet challenging–act of empathy. It influences everything from how we select our partners, the photos we share, and how we engage social media.


We deeply care about financial transparency and impact metrics. In other words, we have nothing to hide. We also believe that development is messy and that nuance needs to be told with integrity and humility.


Whether it’s donors, partners, volunteers, or people in the communities we work in–this is OUR collective story. Elevating the relational over transactional pushes us to see that we’re part of a larger movement for justice.

At the heart of this movement is

a passionate team of dreamers


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We're not rockstars or celebrities

but we're making an impact GIVEFUNDRAISE

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Bezalel Ho Donated $230.00
Tara Hopkins Donated $409.76
Jennifer Porter Donated $104.60
Katie Goldsmith Donated $70.00
Charles Watson Donated $3775.76
Deborah Nimis-Rohloff Donated $19.07
Dennis Chiu Donated $31.59
Greg Jacobson Donated $2250.00
Dennis Chiu Donated $31.59
Russell Tan Donated $20.00
Emily Beck Donated $100.00
Dennis Chiu Donated $31.59
Joon Park Donated $104.60
Dennis Chiu Donated $31.59
Benjamin Garrett Donated $400.00
Elizabeth Linford Donated $70.00
Elizabeth Linford Donated $70.00
Russell Tan Donated $50.00
Elizabeth Muenter Donated $5.00
Macjules Sevilla Donated $30.00
Fred and Cathy Raley Donated $782.51
Bezalel Ho Donated $261.04
Caroline Lim Donated $14.90
Brian Lau Donated $50.00