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Preemptive Love Coalition is a non-profit organization that is providing lifesaving heart surgeries for Iraqi children. Iraq has one of the largest backlogs of children waiting in line for lifesaving heart surgery in the world. PLC was created to address these needs while training and raising up local pediatric heart surgeons that can be a long-term local solution.  PLC is working to exponentially increase local capacity, as well as to equip Iraqi medical teams so that they can ultimately eradicate the backlog.  

ODW Partnership:

Project #57: Heart Surgeries for Children in Iraq

Grant Amount: $78,504.72

We are proud to have partnered again with Preemptive Love Coalition to support lifesaving heart surgeries for children in Iraq through our largest grant to date. The funds raised through this partnership provided medical supplies for all of Preemptive Love’s surgical work in 2014. These medical supplies translate into lifesaving surgeries for over 400 children to have a chance to shape the future of this country, as well as nearly 20,000 hours of hands-on training for local medical teams. We're standing with Preemptive Love to empower Iraq and foster peace, one child at a time.


Project #37: Preemptive Love Coalition Mission Remedy Grant

Matching Grant: $10,000

One Day's Wages partnership with Preemptive Love Coalition helped to fund a "Remedy Mission." This two week intensive program focused on providing over 5,000 hours of training to local medical teams. Additionally, it provided lifesaving pediatric heart surgeries to over 20 Iraqi children. The funds raised through this matching grant were used to purchase all of the medical supplies and disposables that were used during those two weeks. Through these Remedy Missions, PLC is encouraging and empowering local health professionals so that Iraq will soon have multiple pediatric heart surgeons and heart centers.



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