Project #135 | Vocational Training for Trafficked Women in Thailand

Our partnership with Home of New Beginnings 

The sex industry in Thailand catering to Western men began during the Vietnam War as the allied forces were given a week reprieve from war during each tour of duty. Pattaya, then a little fishing village on the Gulf of Thailand, became a favored place for soldiers to distract themselves from the war. When the war was over, the sex industry continued to thrive. Today there are 30,000 young women available for sale on any given night through 1,300 bars and hundreds more massage parlors and brothels serving customers from all over the world. Poverty, gender inequality, corruption, domestic violence, lack of education, and a cultural expectation that daughters are the financial providers perpetuate the cycle of the sex industry. 

We partnered with Home of New Beginnings to bring hope and healing to young women in Pattaya, Thailand who have been trafficked or exploited. Home of New Beginnings exists as both a rescue and prevention residential facility, providing housing, food, formal education, and vocational training such as sewing or cosmetology. ODW’s grant was used for the furnishing of the training floor and completion of a sewing room as well as a multi-use space for counseling, homework and tutoring, and a small computer lab. By remodeling the multi-use room, Home of New Beginnings can offer two tracks toward a safe and sustainable future: vocational training and formal education. The space is now being regularly used by residents to further their education and social, emotional, and spiritual growth.

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Girls Provided Vocational Training

Meet Pin

Pin was just eight years old when a social worker called to ask Home of New Beginnings if they would take her in. It was a neighbor who reported Pin’s story to the police. The authorities questioned the story and dismissed it. Undaunted and angry, the neighbor turned to the social welfare department and they took action. Pin became the youngest victim of child trafficking at the home. When we first arrived, she was angry and acting out. However, in the gentle voice of the house mother, Pin found safety and began to relax and build trust. Six months later, through art therapy, dance, and counsel in a safe environment, Pin gathered the courage to testify against her predator. Pin triumphed as he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. 

*name changed for privacy reasons

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