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At One Day’s Wages we love partnering with schools, classes and service clubs who want to learn more about extreme global poverty and take action. Partnering with One Day’s Wages is a great way to both raise awareness about extreme poverty while also making a big impact.

In-Class Projects

Share about an issue of extreme global poverty with students, raising awareness at your school and igniting action at a young age. Choose from any of our causes and we can provide you with educational resources. O’Dea High School partnered with ODW by having their students learn about global poverty issues, raise awareness and fundraise for those issues. Students worked together in groups around the issues of Health, Clean Water, Women’s Empowerment and Human Trafficking.

Extracurricular Activities and Groups

Start an ODW club or chapter on campus that aims to educate and raise funds. Register your club or chapter with your school, pick a cause, set a goal for the year, create a page on our website and share. Ask us about our school club and college chapter resources! The ODW Cypress Club was created by a group of students at Cypress High School in California as a way to raise awareness and funds for extreme global poverty at their school and in their community.


School events are great ways to bring an entire class, grade or school together with a common purpose. They provide team-building and motivate students to learn and get involved. Just like school events, community events have the opportunity to bring entire neighborhoods and families together. Host a block party, partner with local businesses, or just invite the community to your school event. Cascadia Montessori School partnered with ODW three years in a row, running 5Ks to raise awareness and funds for the ODW Water and Health Funds.

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